What would you call a person who is a writer by passion, a story teller by obsession, a mentor by aspiration and a communicator by profession? You would probably call him insane. Well, we call him Ramen.

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Rare Disease Took His Voice, Gave His Wife A Sense Of Humour | Bonobology

I Lost my Speech and my Wife found her humour!

Ramendra Kumar
Ramendra Kumar
Posted on : 25 Aug 2016

A husband’s humorous take on a rare condition that he was diagnosed with

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Story Of A Strong & Shining Love Forged At A Steel Plant | Bonobology

A love, shining and strong like the steel it was forged over

Ramendra Kumar
Ramendra Kumar
Posted on : 05 Jul 2016

Neither opposition from parents nor the upheavals of a professional set up could cause a chink in this couple’s love story. Ramendra Kumar n...

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Bonobology | The Silent Treatment Can Destroy A Marriage & Home

The violence of silence...how lack of communication affects a marriage

Ramendra Kumar
Ramendra Kumar
Posted on : 06 Jun 2016

Don’t make your marriage a battleground. Happy homes are made when couples communicate with each other says Ramendra Kumar

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Bonobology | Hamarawala Ki and Ka | A Reversal of Gender Specific Roles

Hamarawala Ki and Ka

Ramendra Kumar
Ramendra Kumar
Posted on : 20 May 2016

Writer Ramendra Kumar pens an autobiographical sketch on role reversal a-la the movie Ki and Ka.

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