After being opposed to our marriage, how my in-laws finally accepted me

Having eloped and married, he hadn't been accepted by his in-laws, until...
Parents to be with baby shoes

We eloped to get married

Ours was a love marriage. Much against the wishes of my in-laws, Madhavi and I eloped and got married.

The first time I visited them was like the Fuehrer being ‘welcomed’ into a Jewish settlement. Sitting in the living room I began feeling I was some kind of a virulent microbe being examined by a fastidious bunch of strictly vegetarian (‘we don’t even eat onions’) scientists.

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How could she do that?

I was given a long lecture on the superiority of Telugu Vaishnavite Brahmans (TVB) over North Indian Marwaris (NIM). Even their daughter’s so-called betrayal was entirely due to the NIM’s evil machinations and her wispy, baa-lamb innocence.

Anyway, after two and half years of togetherness with my sweetheart and ‘frozen-shouldering’ by my ‘out-laws’, Madhavi got pregnant. Her parents decided that the baby would happen in Bhubaneswar under their gimlet eye. I put my foot down and insisted that Madhavi would deliver in Rourkela where both of us worked.

Ramendra with his family

My logic was simple. First, it was far better for a doctor who had been seeing her throughout to deliver the baby, and second, since I was a 50% shareholder in the little one’s creation, it was my right and responsibility to handle its coming.

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