Rimli Bhattacharya

The pain of a break-up

Never let me go

It was during our college picnic that I first saw him. He was not from our college but he was a friend of my classmate Ryta. We were in the third year of our medical school when we all decided, enough of studies and semesters, let us at least have an outing. We planned an …

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Casual Sex on Sofa

My one night stand

A few nights ago, I had a one-night stand with a complete stranger. My first — but hardly a first for womankind. I am a bonafide prude when it comes to anything even remotely sexual with strangers. It’s not that I’m not a sexual person per se, but I’m much more inclined to get my …

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Lady on Facebook

My Facebook Husbands

It’s been six long years and I am single. My life revolved my work, I punched in sharp at eight in the morning sometimes punching out at nine in the evening, ran for the locals, if possible grab a window seat and plug in the earphones and listen to songs. Rewinding the few years when …

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Lesbian love

The lesbian friend

She was always in her own world, a Walter Mitty, loved green eyelashes, kept to herself and oh yes, she had a habit. She was a chain smoker, had a tattoo on her arm saying “Fuck”. I always loved her stilettos; her dresses had a Boho – Chic influence, the bijouterie though didn’t have a …

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Lost love

I lost him forever

Image credit We played together during days of the Festival of Color, which in India we call “Holi”. We used to sprinkle those colors of different shades at each other. We giggled, we laughed, we sang, and we ran on the river bank where we used to try crossing the river together with our hands …

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Running a solo marathon

6 years post my divorce, job-hunting while recovering from a surgery I first talked to him. The profile was highly impressive, Director of a German Multinational, though I missed the subtle indication on his Facebook page- Interested in Women. “Your good looks are enough for marketing,” he said. The warning bells were clear and I …

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girl with glasses

Aunt Flo finally arrives

It was during winter of 1998. Back when my chosen attire was a polka dotted red frock, my favorite movie was Gone with the wind and my feminist icon was Lisa Najeeb Halaby. I would spend my days fawning over George Clooney, playing lawn tennis like I was Monica Seles  and praying every night that …

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man in love

Hrehan, 38 C & a love child

I am beyond hot for Hrehan, who’s only 20, half my age, and in a relationship. But the relationship isn’t the problem because Hrehan’s not in love with his girl—he’s in love with me. And it’s not our ages either, though I could be his mother. The problem is that while I would love to …

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