Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal is a poet, writer and social worker hailing from Kolkata, India. She is an optimistic and compassionate person who believes in humanity and sharing smiles. Penning down one's thoughts is therapeutic to the creative souls, and she abides by this. Writings let her explore their inner abilities and express herself to the outer world with ease. She is attached as an editor with The Impish Lass Publishing House Mumbai. Her creative contributions have published in various national and international anthologies, and she often gets featured in many prestigious e-zines. According to her, hope, belief and perseverance are the powerful mantras that can pave our path towards success, no matter what. Her write-ups often revolve around these keywords.

Girl with a cake

A beautiful surprise

Love the powerful emotion that makes one realise about the real essence of life. It brings us the most desired solace in an eminent way one can only experience if he or she have ever truly felt and gone through the blissful refinement called Love. Mohan and Sapna were engaged and were soon going to …

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Woman on date

First date

Remembering our first date, first crush, first love brings back lots of heart-warming memories around. It makes one always feel young at heart, be at any ode of time in our lives. Those special moments of bliss and their rememberence always brings back smile on our faces and we relish and cherish them forever. Usually …

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Supportive partner


India, a country where a woman is perceived as the epitome of Shakti and is worshipped as Durga and Kali. She is worshipped in temples as Goddess and is demeaned at homes and society by her own people and family. The greatest irony in the Indian society is that the women here are always unliberated …

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