10 Things That Attract A Woman To A Man Instantly

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Updated On: October 9, 2023
things that attract a woman to a man
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Let’s face it when we see a man we do take a second look at him if we like his physical features. And after the second look, there is a level of attraction if certain things about his physical appearance and behavior seem really appealing. Now, these aspects that attract a woman to a man at first sight vary from one person to another.

Some women are swept away by a man’s deep seductive voice while others could drool over a muscular forearm with visible veins. I have a friend, Sophia, who has this eternal weakness for nerdy guys with heavy stubble beards hiding behind a thick black reading glass. Of all the things that attract a woman to a man, a bright cheerful smile takes the cake.

Offering a somewhat different point of view, a 2018 study published in Evolution and Human Behavior has shown that women are more attracted to rich men. As tennis star Roger Federer once said, “Success makes a man good looking.” There is no doubt affluence embellishes a person’s look and personality.

While that is justifiable to a certain extent, there are many more manly qualities that make a girl attracted to a guy instantly. It’s completely normal for a woman to be curious about a man’s financial status because everyone wants a secure life for themselves. But tagging that as the only criteria for women and labeling every woman as golddiggers would be an unfair generalization. For most women, it takes more than just one trait to be drawn to a man. So, what are the top 10 things that attract a woman to a man? Read on to find out!

Top 10 Things That Attract A Woman To A Man Instantly

Let’s face it, women are a tough crowd. Just a pretty face is not enough to attract a woman to a man emotionally. When it comes to falling for a man for good, women tend to analyze his exceptional qualities and compatibility factors. Yes, they could experience the signs of infatuation at the ocean blue eyes of a man they cross paths with. But women are, by nature, more perceptive than men.

That’s why they just don’t look at the dimples or the brown hair and fall head over heels for the guy. They could look at a whole lot of things at one go without the man even realizing it. If you want to dive deep into a woman’s mind and see what are things that attract a woman to a man physically and maybe a little more, here are our top 10:

1. Facial features

Many manly qualities attract a woman to a man and out of those, this is one of the first things that a woman notices about a man. The perfect jawline, sharp features, and an attractive skin tone are really to kill for. A neat haircut, that perfectly trimmed beard, a clean-shaven look, or a well-groomed bushy mustache have the ability to add that additional oomph to any man.

A man does not have to be drop-dead gorgeous like a ramp model to get the attention of a woman but his facial features and how he has accentuated those do matter. And while we are at it, guys please remember, grooming is an equally important factor to impress the cute girl who has just moved into the neighborhood. No matter how handsome you are, an untrimmed beard or greasy hair that hasn’t had a drop of shampoo in a long time is a big turn-off.

Inevitable put-off: A long hair sticking out of the eyebrow or a few from the nose. Ugh! You could have the perfect features but if you haven’t taken care of this, then you are not getting the second look for sure.

Infographic on top 10 things that attract a woman to a man
What attracts a woman to a man at first sight?

2. Dressing sense

The clothes a man wears and the way he wears them speak volumes about a person and can make a huge difference in his personality. After all, the saying “Clothes make the man” is not for nothing. What attracts a woman to a man the most is if he cares to dress up decently. Throwing a formal shirt on a trouser is okay but then those well-cut trousers and a perfectly complementing tie go a long way in deciding what she really thinks of you.

Are you not hearing back from a lot of your Tinder matches after meeting once? Did you recently get stood up by a date? Maybe it’s time you put a little effort into your appearance, get rid of those baggy jeans and oversized t-shirts, and maybe put some thought and effort into selecting your date outfits. Look into the essential men’s fashion accessories. Perhaps you could invest in a good quality watch, a classic plaid scarf, or a fedora hat to pair with your outfit. Trust me, it will give you a dapper look that no woman can resist!

Inevitable put-off: Clothes that are too tight or ill-fitting. Yes, many men make the mistake of thinking that muscle showing under tight clothes could make them drool-worthy. Well, that, my friend, is a wrong perception. It could be an instant put-off.

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3. Eyes

Who can resist the appeal of deep-set eyes that mesmerizes one by the sparkle in them? How a man looks with his eyes goes a long way to show a woman what he is really inside. It’s said that the eyes are the gateway into a human being’s personality. Truly an expressive pair of eyes could be a factor that attracts a woman to a man at first sight.

I guess we don’t have to elaborate on the power of eye contact attraction in building solid chemistry while you are on a date. Be it a captivating brown or even a deep grey, it may make a woman skip a heartbeat. But it’s not only about the color of your eyes, the way you look at a person or even check someone out tells a lot about your intentions.

Inevitable put-off: I am sure you have heard a woman saying, “Something about the way he looked at me put me off.” By that, she means the man’s eyes kept moving from her face to her chest or keep roving around. A woman will not give a man a second look if his eyes are following the wrong direction and making her uncomfortable.

4. Posture

The complete frame of a man distinctly makes him stand out in the crowd. For us, it definitely makes the list of the things that attract women. A tall, well-built man with a perfect physique and the right posture is a treat to a woman’s eyes. Some men appear taller or more imposing by the dint of correct posture. This really matters in the way a woman perceives you.

Inevitable put-off: A hunch. No woman would appreciate a man with drooping shoulders and a rounded back. It does look unpleasant and does not reflect the swagger that you thought it did.

5. Smile

Oh boy! This is an irresistible charm that can trigger serious infatuation in any woman. If one has that sweet, boy-next-door look with a chocolatey kind of beguiling smile, a woman will definitely go, “Aww”. You may not have a killer look but sometimes a smile goes a long way in deciding how appealing you are to a woman.

man's smile always make a girl attracted
man’s smile always make a girl attracted

The innocence and depth in a man’s smile always make a girl attracted to a guy. You should keep that in mind. When a girl is really caught up by a man’s heartwarming smile, she may just shower him with quick compliments to make him smile even more.

Inevitable put-off: Yellow or nicotine-stained teeth below that smile or a mark that’s more creepy than cute will chase a girl away soon rather than creating a good impression.

6. Fragrance

According to the science of smell, a person’s smell has a thing or two to do with attracting the opposite gender (or the same) toward them. Smelling right is important for both men and women. Although some Paris perfumeries have popular brands with heightened sweat smell, it’s definitely not something that appeals to most women.

They do find a man’s strong perfume rather intoxicating. It is the musky irresistible scent of a man that attracts a woman to a man physically. Be it the alluring deodorant that gives a man his signature smell or the seductive aftershave, the scent has a lot of potential on the matchmaking front.

Inevitable put-off: Yes we know being sweaty is perceived as macho by many men but don’t get the wrong idea that women like to sniff your smelly armpits. It’s the worst put-off for a woman and the worst myth a man could be living with.

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7. Manners

Decent manners attract a woman to a man the most, no argument on that. As it’s said, the way you talk to the waiter at a restaurant is a dead giveaway of the kind of manners you have. You could have the looks and a fat wallet but if you don’t have the right manners, it won’t matter if you’ve been checking the right boxes on other fronts. Any positive impression you may have made will go down the drain. Women do look at your manners, gestures, and body language very carefully.

Inevitable put-off: Walking ahead of her as you walk into a fancy restaurant bot not holding the door for her, talking with your mouth full or yelling at the server over a small mistake are all absolute put-offs.


8. Conversation skills

It is one of those things that attracts a woman to a man emotionally. After finishing the date, a woman would still dreamily wonder about you for a day or two if you were able to hold an engaging conversation with her. When a man has the ability to present himself verbally, showing his great linguistic skill, it instantly adds that extra appeal that makes a girl think about him and thoroughly wins her heart.

While conversing, the right men show the right amount of interest in the woman they have just met. It’s equally important to let the other person talk and pay attention to what they are saying. Women do love it if their guy actually listens without getting lost in his phone.

Inevitable put-off: Talking too much about yourself. Yes, we know we live in an age of self-promotion but stop being blatant about it.

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9. Sense of humor

There are many great qualities that attract a woman to a man, and out of those, a man’s witty side definitely wins the race. A woman really likes a man who can make her laugh and is able to have a good laugh at themselves sometimes as well. The ability to laugh at oneself is a great quality that only men who are really secure can possess. Women do notice that about them and like it immensely too. Having a sense of humor is a great plus in your pursuit of winning over a woman’s attention and affection.

Inevitable put-off: Making a woman laugh does not mean cracking crass jokes. Please don’t get it wrong.

10. Shoes

This could be listed last but this should not be taken lightly. What kind of shoes a man wears and how well maintained they are is something a woman notices for sure. Shoes do tell a lot about a man’s personality. Pay attention to that from now on maybe?

Inevitable put-off: Shoes that have not had the touch of polish for ages, mud-stained soles, and ill-kept sneakers are absolutely a put-off.

So, there goes our list of top 10 things that attract a woman to a man. Now you know how a man is perceived from a woman’s point of view. Are you doing the right things to get the attention of women? Think about it!

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