Ramendra Kumar

He is an award-winning Writer, Storyteller, Inspirational Speaker & presently a Cancer Warrior. He have 49 books to his name and his work has been translated into 17 Indian and 14 foreign languages. He have been invited to many international literary festivals well as Indian events such as the Jaipur Litfest. His articles on relationships have been published in Reader’s Digest, Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Kidsstoppress.com, ParentEdge.com, Indian Parenting.com et al.

woman with shopping bags

My Wife, The Compulsive Shopper

Are you wondering if your wife has a compulsive buying disorder? Well, if she’s constantly scrolling through online shopping sites, nagging you to go to this store or that with her, and getting deliveries every day to a new package from another brand that you’ve never heard of, chances are you’re living with a compulsive

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