Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi

I am a social media specialist by profession and an avid blogger by passion.  I live in aamchi Mumbai with my husband and 2 kids.  My favorite muses for writing are my children and women.


Let’s cook Rajma, darling!

Image credit When I got married, I hardly knew cooking.  Though I had a “crash course” of basic cooking from my mom, when it came to the “actual” cooking all the skills vanished in thin air.  My husband, though a Bengali, was born and brought up in North India and hence he loves North Indian …

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Cool as a cucumber

I was born in a family of very expressive people who could express their emotions very easily.  Be it love, happiness, and of course anger!  I am no exception either!  I can lose my calm at the snap of a finger.  I can’t control my anxiousness in any problematic situation. My husband on the other …

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married for love

No rules in my marriage

When I started writing this blog, I asked my husband, “What are the golden rules of our marriage?”  He nonchalantly said, “Following no rules in the golden rule of our marriage.”  True it is! I met my husband in an arranged marriage set-up 16 years back.  Oh yes, I wanted to get married at that …

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Friends Forever

Hey remember, my friend, the first time time we met?  It was during the interaction as freshers we were having when we had joined our Masters course.  We both were somewhat of a similar nature, not too outgoing, not too extroverted.  We gelled so well with each other. Remember in the final year, we were …

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