Sunidhi Gemawat

Sunidhi is a twenty something misfit, pursuing a master's degree in Clinical Psychology, and trying to make sense of this world through words. She started reading to escape, and writing to pen the words that she was unable to say out loud. What started as a hobby has now become a way to stay sane, and to try and help others do so too. Her educational background and her inane need for the grammar to be absolutely correct have both paved the way for her to be a valuable member of our team.

understanding the dynamics of short term relationships

Understanding The Dynamics Of Short-Term Relationships

When you want to date but you’re not looking for anything long-term, it becomes important to understand the dynamics of short-term relationships. Read on to learn what short-term relationships are, what are their benefits, how to know if they are a right fit for you or not, and how to enjoy them.

why does love hurt so much

Why Does Love Hurt So Much and What to Do?

Love is one of the most complex emotions, and sometimes it can hurt just as much as it brings joy. It is important to know why it might be hurting you, or why you might be running from it. Read on to find out why love can hurt and what to do about it.

backhanded compliment examples

23 Backhanded Compliment Examples in Everyday Life That Are Actually Insults

Fake compliments that are disguised as insults can stress you out mentally and physically, and make you feel less than. Therefore, it is important to know what backhanded compliments are so that you don’t accidentally say things like that to someone. We have also put in some response examples so you know how to politely handle a situation in which someone gives you a backhanded compliment.

should i propose before or after dinner

Timing Your Moment: Should I Propose Before Or After Dinner?

A proposal is a very important, and sometimes a nerve-wracking and sweaty, endeavor. That is why it is essential that the timing of this beautiful moment be absolutely perfect, just like your partner. Read to find out if you should propose before, during, or after the dinner.

Genuine Or Backhanded Compliment

Genuine Or Backhanded Compliment? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Backhanded compliments seem like compliments but actually contain subtle criticism or insincerity. Can you differentiate between actual compliments and backhanded compliments that you might be receiving or unintentionally giving out in your daily lives? Take this short quiz to find out. Backhanded compliments are comments that contain flattery, but also include a comparison with negative …

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dating boundaries

How To Set Dating Boundaries Early In Your Relationship

Setting boundaries in dating is crucial for maintaining healthy and respectful interactions between both the people. These dating boundaries not only let couples own up to their individuality but also make them respect each other’s lives outside the relationship. Boundaries in a new relationship define the limits and expectations within a relationship, ensuring that both …

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who is your true zodiac soulmate

Who Is Your True Zodiac Soulmate?

Soulmates are the people who are destined to be together, in unconditional, effortless, never-ending love. They form a perspicacious connection of mind and soul, and there some zodiac signs that are better suited for your zodiac signs than others. Read on to find your zodiac soulmate.

love poems for him long distance

25 Best Love Poems For Him Long Distance

A long-distance relationship can be hard. It is important to make your partner feel special and loved. We’ve got the perfect solution for you – say it with a poem. Read on to find the perfect poem to dedicate to your LDR partner.