New-Age Couples

He could be the one cooking dinner after a hard day of work at the office and she could be the one earning more than him at the end of the day. It could be his responsibility to get the children ready for school and it could be her responsibility to do the financial planning at home and keep a tab on the investments.

Gender roles are changing and so are the social norms that define marriages. That’s why in this New-Age Couples section Bonobology >brings you every kind of story that shows how the Indian marriage is changing, and for the better.

There are stories of how men have refused dowry at the time of the marriage and how they have become househusbands to support their wives career aspirations.

There are stories of celebrity marriages, how they do the balancing act and how they spend time with family. Both men and women in New-Age Marriages have taken on new roles and have challenged social norms. Our focus is on that.

trophey husband

Who Is A Trophy Husband

Gone is the image of the husband sprawled on the couch, beer in hand, his belly comfortably flopping over his waistband while he watches television and waits for dinner to be served. As a trophy husband, you’ll need to stay in shape.

prenup after marriage

Why You Should Consider A Prenup After Marriage

If you got so wrapped up in wedding celebrations that you ended up exchanging vows without a marital agreement in place, fret not. Getting a prenup after marriage is a thing. It is called a Postnup. An expert explains everything about it.

Home Essentials For Newlyweds

9 Home Essentials For Newlyweds

You must know of the basic home essentials you need to have to begin your married life with as few glitches and fights as possible. The following list of home essentials for newlyweds will help you on that front