New-Age Couples

He could be the one cooking dinner after a hard day of work at the office and she could be the one earning more than him at the end of the day. It could be his responsibility to get the children ready for school and it could be her responsibility to do the financial planning at home and keep a tab on the investments.

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Social media kills relationships

How Social Media Affects Your Relationships

How exactly does social media affect relationships? What expectations do we end up conforming to? In this article, psychotherapist Dr. Aman writes about the impact of social media on relationships. 

gender roles in household chores

How To Redefine Gender Roles In Household Chores

There is an obvious imbalance in the assigned gender roles and division of labor in households. But couples can take strategic steps to ensure a more balanced gender dynamic in the household.

Don’t Mistake These Signs To Be Wifey Material Signs

If I had a penny for every time a guy used the term ‘wifey material’ as the pinnacle of compliments, I’d be living in a palace made of gold. Why must we use ‘material’ to describe people at all? It does nothing but make us sound like a fabric shop. Pay heed to what’s coming next, and don’t mistake these signs to be wifey material signs. Your bubble is going to burst, and your notions are about to get thrown out the window!

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