Joyeeta Talukdar

Joyeeta Talukdar, Ph.D., is an ICMR-Research Associate Fellowship-awarded postdoctoral fellow working in the Dept. of Biochemistry, AIIMS, New Delhi, in Cancer Biology. She is the author of Black Spider, whose story is about the discrimination based on the skin colour of a person and how it deeply effects a child's psychology (Ukiyoto Publishing, 2021), and The Red, which runs around the social stigma of menstruation and how a father helps his daughter develop a positive mindset to fight through it. She is also actively associated with palliative care NGOs in North-east India, where she gives psychological counselling to patients to deal with the mental trauma that develops while they undergo the long-term physical ailments and treatment procedures associated with their developed cancer and follow-ups. Some of the links of her research papers are:-Non Government Organizations (NGO)-The gap fillers during COVID-19 lockdown in Assam, India ( ),Is Unwanted Journalism killing medical ethics? (, Media Ethics, Medical Ethics And Mental Health: (Mis)Information As Anxiety ( and many more