Vineeta Asthana

Vineeta Asthana is a Journalist and an Educationist with over 15 years of experience. She has worked with The Indian Express Group, Dainik Jagran Group, and Network 18 group. She is also an active Blogger and Poet, Explorer, Traveller and Mentor. You can read her blogs on, Her poems can be read on

Acceptance: Willingness to Change!

Ancient Hindu scriptures aren’t mythology, they are a guide to life management with the scientific approach. Be it Vedas or Bhagwat Geeta; it has everything from life management, to manpower management. It also describes how ‘Yog and sadhna’ can be used as effective tools to live a meaningful life. According to Vedas, there are six …

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Life goals and meditation

Live while you are Alive! What is the goal of your life? What is that one ambition you are living for? What exactly is the ambition of your life?? I asked these questions to many people from the different age groups, and the answers came as “ to be rich”, “to be successful”, “to become …

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Handsome man with beard

Men will be Men!

As they say.. Men will be men! A man can fall in love multiple times because he is a man! And Men are like that. A married man can fall for a spinster, a colleague, a neighbour, a student, friend’s wife, friend’s daughter, even his daughter’s friend! You know love sees no boundaries! Coz ‘Dil …

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