Adya Poojari

Adya Poojari is a Psychologist (Clinical Psychology, PGD in Rehabilitation Psychology), who has been dealing with people with various concerns of people about their mental well being such as relationship counselling, anxiety management, stress management, childhood trauma, child sexual abuse, examination stress, lack of motivation, depression, suicidal cases, etc. She has been trained in various fields of mental health and aims at using those approaches depending on the symptoms of the clients such as NLP, Hypnosis, Gratitude Therapy, Mindfulness, CBT, REBT, etc. She additionally takes a keen interest in spirituality and is a Reiki Healer (Grandmaster Level). She believes one must fully explore things before rejecting them or discarding them and thus she explores various other healing methods to ensure she can help every client as per their set of beliefs. She has also learned EFT and Bach Flower Remedies. Currently, she is working as a Career Counsellor and helps students decide the right career path for them. She has been awarded the Rex Karamveer Global Fellow & Karamveer Chakra Aware for Excellence in Social Work. With the ongoing Pandemic she provides counselling pro-bono for anyone who is affected.

When You Miss Your Ex

What To Do When You Miss Your Ex? Expert Tips To Ease The Pain

While missing an ex can be considered normal, it can have detrimental effects if you are unable to move on in life. So here are some tips and suggestions given by clinical psychologist Adya Poojari to help you to forget an ex and make peace with your past.

The Purpose Of Marriage

6 Facts That Sum Up The Purpose Of Marriage

Sure, it’s not for everyone, and people often have solid arguments against the institution. But, nevertheless, marriage persists like a timeless piece of art, or an annoying mosquito, depending on how you look at it.

Relationship timelines

Your Guide To Relationship Timelines And What They Mean For You

How important is following a relationship timeline? With the help of Adya Poojari (M.A. Clinical Psychology), who specializes in relationships and adolescent therapy, let’s find out if the fools who rush in are secretly the ones who have it all figured out.

Are Men Turned Off By Feminists?

Are men turned off by feminists? Let’s find out with the help of psychologist Adya Poojari on why men might be intimidated by a feminist

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