Dwiti Vyas

She is a Consultant Trauma Therapist and Yoga Acharya based in Mumbai, Have completed my Masters in Applied Psychology (Counseling Psychology) from S.N.D.T University. I have 8+ years' of experience providing adult and child psychotherapy. I am Trained in EMDR therapy and make optimum use of in-depth knowledge on Yoga as a collaboration tool of work with Trauma-related issues and creating a safe place for the clients. Have been working with individual counseling cases, group Session with children having certain difficulties like Behavioral problems, Emotional problems, a child suffering from ADHD, Autistic, ADD. I also provide therapeutic services for adults and geriatrics dealing with anxiety disorder, depression disorder, depression disorder, and Trauma survivors. I believe,"Mental Trauma might stem due to inherent biology, factors that are psychological or external, treatment has to be integrative and holistic, specific and customized to an individual."

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