Namrata Sharma

Namrata Sharma is a mental health and SRHR Advocate. She has a master’s degree in Applied Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling. Her core area of work as a professional Counseling Psychologist has been with Women and Children. For the past 7 years, her experience in the field has been remarkable. Rehabilitating women from various socio-economic backgrounds and providing therapy to them have been her major achievements. Apart from therapy, Namrata has been a successful panellist and beloved speaker on many National and International Platforms including Global Youth Mobilization, World YWCA, YWCA Canada, National Institute of Disaster Management (GOI) and many more. Since the pandemic, Ms. Sharma has been training and providing guidance to government officials on issues faced by children and adolescents during disasters. She has been a part of over 100 training and webinars and interacted with over 100s of parents and students in the previous years. She aspires to create awareness about mental health in her audience by interacting with them through various social media platforms. Her aim is to build a more sensitive and stereotype free world for the coming generation.

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