Nishi Ahlawat

I have always felt an inner sense of sheer peace and extreme happiness whenever I have been able to help, guide or counsel people in any small way. I began my journey on a spiritual path through Vedic Astrology back when I was in college (almost 20 years ago). Later on, I also started using Tarot and other decks as tools to seek divine guidance from the universe for my clientele. I also harbour a keen interest in chanting and meditation and have been practicing it for many years. Besides this, I have been associated with many renowned media houses/ad agencies like Jagran, India Today Group and many more as a journalist and creative writer for many years.

soul ties sexually

Sexual Soul Ties: Meaning, Signs, And How To Break Away

Two people may decide to have sex ‘just for the fun of it’ yet something is occurring on another level that they might not have decided at all: sex is enhancing an emotional bond between them whether they want it or not.

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