Ridhi Golechha

Ridhi Golechha is a holistic therapist/ Mind Body and Eating Coach. By combining principles of nutrition science and eating psychology, I coach her clients to get through their issues.

tired of being single

7 Signs You Are Tired Of Being Single And What You Should Do

Ridhi points out, “If you’re actively dating and getting involved in too many one-night stands/hooking up too much, it’s one of the signs you’re tired of being single and just need a distraction.” You’re aggressively using dating apps, so much so that your loved ones are concerned about the way you’re choosing to avoid feeling lonely.

sleep divorce

What Is Sleep Divorce and How Can It Save A Marriage?

Sharing a bed is seen as one of the most intimate things a couple can do. but what if it starts resulting in no sleep? We break down everything to do with ‘sleep divorce’ so you can figure out if it’s for you.

ridhi counselor

How To Stop Binge Eating During Lockdown

The simple solution to stop binge eating during the lockdown is to enjoy everything in moderation, improve your relationship with food, make whatever little time you can to work out, and look for activities to bond with your partner

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