Shazia Saleem

I hold a masters degree in Psychology and Compassionate Integrity Training from UNESCO MGIEP with ten years of experience in counseling. I have been working in various international schools and hospitals as a Counselor. I deal with absolutely normal people who are not able understand their own feelings to help them identify any underlying or hidden emotional issues and guide them to overcome the same in a systematic way and reach their full potential. I try to put my experience and expertise to the best use. As a counselor I have handled various counseling cases such as anxiety, trauma, stress, fear, grief, marital issues, pre marital counseling, relationship issue, behavioral disorders .

how to feel better after a breakup

9 Ways To Feel Better After A Breakup

By now, you probably know that your breakup buddies Ben (& Jerry) and Jack (Daniels) can’t give you the answers you need. Allow us to swoop in with some tips to help you get back on your feet, with psychologist Shazia Saleem.

Divorce counseling

Divorce Counseling: Benefits Of Pre- And Post-Divorce Therapy

If you’re trying to understand the benefits of pre and post-divorce counseling, we’re here to tell you all you need to know, with inputs from experienced lawyer Tahini Bhushan who specializes in gender violence and sexual harassment cases.

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