Shivangi Anil

Shivangi is a psychologist and the founder of Heretoheartherapy. She holds a bachelor’s in Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College for women, the University of Delhi, and a master’s in clinical psychology from Ambedkar University Delhi. She helps young and middle-aged adults thrive mentally using evidence-based practices via video and telephonic sessions. She is an internationally certified solution-focused therapist. She follows an eclectic approach to therapy and tailors sessions according to the needs of individual clients. Her areas of concern include relationship concerns, work stress, burnout, and anxiety. Shivangi offers both virtual and in-person therapy. Virtual therapy can be offered both in video and audio formats. Support your mental wellness in a format that best works for you. She also conducts experiential training and workshops in the areas of mental health and wellness. Some common workshops she has conducted include experiential ways to manage anxiety stress, depression and relationships to thrive personally. When not working with clients or reading about mental health, Shivangi dabbles with books,art, and travel.

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