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Experienced lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Skilled in Pro Bono specific to sexual harassment and gender violence cases, Legal Compliance, Legal Research, Legal Document Preparation, and Legal Writing.The three year gap in the experience is when I chose to be a stay at home mom for my daughter. Firm believer in If you want to get work done, hire a woman. If you want to get EVERYTHING done, hire a mother.

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Prenuptial Agreement – How It Can Protect Your Future

A prenuptial agreement is not going to de-romanticise your marriage, rest assured. It might incite some disagreements and invite some revelations. The process might also be a little tedious. However, it is worth the safety net it will provide in the long run.

Prenuptial agreements-The Pros & Cons

Prenuptial Agreements – Weighing The Pros And The Cons

If your partner and you are considering getting a prenup done, then this article will surely help you both make a wise decision. Let’s take a look at the prenuptial agreements’ pros and cons, with the help of experienced lawyer Tahini Bhushan, who specializes in gender violence and sexual harassment cases.

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