Our Editorial Process

Human relationships, especially our romantic relationships, are complex. While we all do our best to navigate the twists and turns in the journey of finding and sustaining love, awareness about how our mental health and underlying emotional wounds impact our intimate relationships can make all the difference in how successful we’re in achieving that goal.


The reality is we navigate love on autopilot, repeating patterns from childhood. A person who craves constant reassurance is essentially mirroring an emotionally distant parent. Those who become clingy if their partner pulls away, subconsciously seeks control from past experiences. These invisible scripts can sabotage connections. Unrecognized fear of intimacy might lead you to pick partners who are emotionally unavailable. The good news? By recognizing these patterns, you can rewrite the script.


Through self-awareness and open communication, you can build healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

However, the dance between mental health and romantic relationships is a two-step. People with good mental health are more likely to find fulfilling partnerships. On the other hand, supportive, secure relationships can boost your mood and well-being. Unhealthy, stressful partnerships can be a major drag on mental health. The quality of the relationship matters.


Bonobology recognizes the criticality of these nuances in fostering healthy relationships. We’re committed to holding your hand through the various stages of love and romance, right from finding love to dealing with heartbreak, hurt, and betrayal. We recognize the value of credible information, sourced from experts, personal experiences, and thorough research, in living up to our motto of helping people love more mindfully. Our rigorous editorial process serves as the backbone of the trust over 15 million readers repose in us, year after year.


Editorial diligence

Right from the selection of relevant topics to the publishing stages, every piece of content crafted at Bonobology undergoes strict editorial policy. Our team of editors works with a single-minded goal of putting out comprehensible, accurate, and relatable information.

Expert writers

Several of our writers are subject-matter experts in the field of relationships and psychology, others tap into their lived experiences to deliver in-depth, clear, and bias-free information to our readers.

Validation and review

Accuracy and credibility are non-negotiable for us. Our articles are based on insights from notable voices and experts in the field of relationships and mental health, and back by credible research in the domain.


Given that we cover a wide spectrum of relationship dynamics, right from dating in teenage to gray divorce, diversity in the voices of our writers is central to our editorial process. Bonobology is an equal opportunity employer, and doesn’t discriminate against anyone on the basis of their race, religion, nationality, sexuality, or gender identity.


Bonobology strives to be the friend, philosopher, and guide you can turn to whenever you find yourself at a crossroads in your romantic journey. To that end, we work tirelessly toward being the voice of compassion and empathy in the times when you find yourself confused and at a loss for direction. We understand the impact of our advice on critical life decisions, and that’s why due deliberation at every step of the way is woven into our ethos.