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Finding healing and acceptance in relationships

Bad break-up leave you scarred? Dealing with a hot and cold partner?...Our expert speaks

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 14 Mar 2016

Dating again after a bad breakup or learning to accept differences in personality...psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert advice for your relationship issues

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How to break up in a Relationship? | Bonobology

Breaking up. Is there a right way?

- Deepak Kashyap
Posted on : 09 Feb 2017

Why do we find it so difficult to break up in person, and is it important to do so?

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Ways to get over a Break Up |

Gym, Journals, Jagjit I got over my break-up

- Jitendra Pande
Posted on : 08 Mar 2016

Jitendra Pande shares five tried and tested ways of recovering from heartbreak

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Getting Out Of An Abusive Relationship | Bonobology.Com

I walked out of an abusive relationship

- Arjun Awasthi
Posted on : 31 May 2017

Any relationship can be abusive; the key is to recognise this and get away

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Bonobology | In Love, Or Just Comfortable With & Used To Your Partner?

Together because of love, or because it's habitual and easy?

- Vivek Surendran
Posted on : 06 Jun 2016

Should you love, leave or stay? What should you do when your relationship is in a conundrum?

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when your partner vanishes without any explanation | Bonobology

When I was subjected to 'ghosting' in my relationship

- Enakshi Biswas
Posted on : 10 Nov 2016

What do you do when someone you thought was a promising partner suddenly vanishes without explanation and later reappears wanting to carry on as before?

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I want to break up :(

Dear all

*p**p*I am separated for more then a year and I got in live in relationship right after that , but since i got into this relatio...

I want to break up :(

Dear all

*p**p*I am separated for more then a year and I got in live in relationship right after that , but since i got into this relatio...

I want to break up :(

Dear all

I am separated for more then a year and I got in live in relationship right after that , but... Read More

Depressed after my break up

I have recently come out of a decade long relationship. While I don't want to get back with him, i am not able to overcome depression after the... Read More

Break up...stopped growing in the relationship

My ex left me saying she has stopped growing in this relationship. I thought we were in a happy place. What does this mean?

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He keeps me up the whole night

Jyoti Posted on : 23 Jun 2017

Try and do other activities as well

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Ask Deepak | How do I deal with stepping away from my attraction for a married colleague? | Bonobology

I'm in a relationship but am attracted to a married colleague at work. I feel it's not right, but he won't let me step away. Why?

Name withheld Posted on : 07 Apr 2016

It is a human tendency to get lost into the fantasy of a ‘perfect lover’ in future, when our current relationship hits rough patches now and then.

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I had a bad break up and unable to move on after breakup |

A bad break-up has left me wary of dating again. How do I snap out of it?

Ajay Sharma (35), stock market analyst Posted on : 16 May 2016

Normal as it is to experience sadness, one can easily spiral into a dysfunctional state that could have been avoided after the necessary time devoted to grieving and healing.

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break up after long relationship

Have been dating this girl for over 7 years, but I feel that I have grown out of love with her. She thinks we will get married. I thought the same onc... ... Read More

Feeling cheated

Me nd my bf in a long distance relationship since last 5 years. When i thought we were in strong bond but one day ,he suddenly wants to break up with ... ... Read More

Nasty Breakup

My boyfriend of 6 months and I just broke up following a nasty spat.It was partly both of our faults. I hid details of my past from him because I fear... ... Read More

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