Couple dynamics

Should I leave my husband?

Should I leave My Husband? Quiz

“Is my relationship over?” It’s a heavy question, so it’s only natural that this thought is constantly on your mind. Married life has its ups and downs, and sometimes, those downs can feel overwhelming. This starts the journey of wondering whether you want to leave your husband. When wondering whether to leave your husband, all […]

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Should I marry him

Should I Marry Him? Quiz

Congratulations! So, you’re in a serious relationship, and the word marriage has started popping up here and there. But with such a big decision looming, doubts and uncertainties are bound to enter the picture. Is he truly “the one”? This “Should I Marry Him Quiz” is your roadmap to gaining clarity. Designed by a relationship

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Am I emo

Am I Emo? Quiz

Feeling misunderstood? Does the world seem a little too bright, a little too peppy for your brooding soul? Maybe you’ve even dipped your toes into eyeliner (or maybe you’re a full-on pro with the kohl pencil). If this sounds familiar, then you might just have some emo in your DNA! But hold on, friend. Before

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