dating boundaries

How To Set Dating Boundaries Early In Your Relationship

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Setting boundaries in dating is crucial for maintaining healthy and respectful interactions between both the people. These dating boundaries not only let couples own up to their individuality but also make them respect each other’s lives outside the relationship. Boundaries in a new relationship define the limits and expectations within a relationship, ensuring that both …

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contempt in relationships

Contempt In Relationships: The Toxic Behavior You Must Avoid

As toxic traits go, contempt in a relationship is high on the list. If you or your partner behaves in a superior manner and disrespects the other, these red flags need to be addressed. Sarcasm, mockery, sneering, and eye-rolling are indications that your relationship needs work to survive. Is it worth the effort? Read on to know more…

quiet quitting a relationship

7 Subtle Signs Your Partner is Quiet Quitting Your Relationship

Quiet quitting is a phenomenon that started in the workforce and has now crept into relationships as well. When your partner goes cold on and distances themselves without any communication or admission of a problem, it is a way of quiet quitting. This article explores the signs to look out for if you think this is happening to you and what you can do to protect yourself and move forward.

physical touch love language

Physical Touch Love Language: What It Means With Examples

Do you think it is wise to speak Chinese to an Italian, and expect to have your message conveyed? That is what happens when we speak in a love language that is different from the one our partner understands! Today, we deal with the love language of physical touch.

living apart together

Living Apart Together: Decoding The Latest Trend Said To Save Relationships

As you become aware or accepting of the fact that there is no one right or wrong way to build a relationship, it’s not hard to see why such an arrangement may work well for some couples. And that it’s neither peculiar nor illogical. After all, the invisible labor of keeping a relationship alive has led us all to mull, “Is taking space good for a relationship?” If that question resonates with you, taking a closer look at the nitty-gritty of living apart together relationship may be worth your while.

relationship pet peeves

Top 35 Pet Peeves In Relationships

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Talking about relationship pet peeves, American singer Carrie Underwood once said in an interview that she wouldn’t have tolerated her husband’s dirty laundry lying around the house if it was not for love. The story runs in reverse for our favorite celeb couple Beyonce and Jay-Z as she is a little disorderly at home and …

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