Emotional Abuse

arguing with a narcissistic husband

9 Things To Be Mindful Of When Arguing With A Narcissistic Husband

Living with a narcissist can be exhausting. To cope with it requires you to recognize a narcissist and learn how they think and why they argue so much. The next step is prepping yourself with the right knowledge and tools to help you take control away from a narcissist.

is he trying to make me jealous

13 Possible Signs He Is Trying To Make You Jealous

Popular culture has depicted binaries about jealousy in a relationship. Either it is something cute and romantic so the guy could win over the girl, or something unhinged, resulting in a massacre. But feeling jealousy in relationships is pretty common. It’s human, and can’t be controlled. However, ‘making’ someone jealous is another story altogether. So read on if you too are thinking, “Is he trying to make me jealous or not interested in me at all?”

future faking

What Is Future Faking? Signs And How Narcissists Use Future Faking

Are you worried that your partner might be manipulating you through future faking? Know the different signs of future faking and how narcissists employ it in order to have you emotionally invested in them while not putting in any investment on their part with tips and suggestions from our expert counselor.

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