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is he trying to make me jealous

13 Possible Signs He Is Trying To Make You Jealous

Popular culture has depicted binaries about jealousy in a relationship. Either it is something cute and romantic so the guy could win over the girl, or something unhinged, resulting in a massacre. But feeling jealousy in relationships is pretty common. It’s human, and can’t be controlled. However, ‘making’ someone jealous is another story altogether. So read on if you too are thinking, “Is he trying to make me jealous or not interested in me at all?”

do rebounds make you miss your ex more

Do Rebounds Make You Miss Your Ex More – Know It Here

Rebound relationships are considered an effective mechanism to forget one’s ex. But do rebounds make you miss your ex more? Yes, this happens when you get into a rebound just to forget them. Sounds ironic, but let’s unpack this. 

what is a womanizer's weakness and more

What Is A Womanizer’s Weakness?

You hear the word ‘womanizer’ and images of all the actors who’ve played James Bond, or men with posh cars and a square jawline come to mind. They’re notorious for their lack of commitment. Yet, they’re irresistible. But what is the psychology of a womanizer?

do guys catch feelings after hooking up

Do Guys Catch Feelings After Hooking Up?

Modern relationships have matured enough to differentiate between sex and love. But what happens when you develop feelings and he doesn’t? That’s when things can get complicated, especially if you see him regularly and can’t figure out if he has feelings for you. So let’s figure out what do guys think about their hookups.

how to make a guy text you every day

15 Sureshot Ways To Make A Guy Text You Every Day

How to make a guy text you every day? This question is on my list of top ten infuriating things about having a crush on a guy. The others are: “How to get him to notice me?” and “How do you make a guy text you first after a fight?” But you don’t get a guy to open his eyes and see all the hints you drop by making lists. You do that by showing concern, empathy, and some flirting.

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