Terminal Illness

Zodiac sign Cancer

Till death do us part

I met Renu at my friend’s who happened to be her parents’ neighbour. She had a calmness about her that is difficult to describe. I was extremely perturbed when my friend informed me that Renu was suffering from cancer. My visits to my friend’s place became frequent as I wanted to meet Renu often. I …

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Ailing Spouses

We don’t normally talk of the difficulty of the decision to divorce or to stay put when the spouse is ailing What do you do when your partner suffers from chronic illness? What if you are in your 70s? What if you are in your 50s? Or 30s? What if it is asthma? Arthritis? Multiple …

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Together In Sickness and Pain

The day Hemant bhai was declared cancer free was the day Tarulata ben told her family about the lump in her mouth

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love bring sunshine

Love Brings Sunshine

Mansi was all set to end her life alone, but Raju came as a ray of hope and magically transformed her life

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