unhealthy relationship


7 Signs Self-Hatred Is Ruining Your Relationship

Very few things are as painful as a person turned against themselves. Self-hatred is deeply corrosive to the individual in question, and the relationships they form with others. You see, healthy relationships comprise healthy individuals, and self-hatred is anything but healthy. Much like slow poison, it kills your sense of self.

silent red flags in a relationship

The Red Flag Conversation

One of the biggest red flags of an unhealthy relationship is disrespect. If your partner doesn’t understand your desires, needs, the people who are important to you, your routine, and professional commitments, that’s when a lack of respect in a relationship becomes apparent. Even though respect is often an underrated aspect of a relationship, the …

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how to make a narcissist miserable

How To Make A Narcissist Miserable – 13 Things To Do

A narcissist is amusing to observe, exhausting to talk to, infuriating to work with, and toxic to date. It’s perfectly natural to wonder how to make a narcissist miserable. They’ve been pressing your buttons for far too long.  I’m at your service with these 13 things you can do to outwit a narcissist!

Signs Of Complacency In A Relationship

9 Signs Of Complacency In A Relationship

Understanding the warning signs of a complacent marriage or relationship can be the beginning of the end of your problems. Here are the most common 9 signs of complacency in a relationship.

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