Sex and Passion

A Cage of Desires: Here’s a female protagonist who burns with desire, errs, falls and rises from the ashes

Indian society is slowing opening up to the idea that women have sexual desires and needs, too and it is perfectly acceptable for them to voice and pursue them. Here's a new novel which deals with the subject
seductive lady

No longer the pure virginal woman saving herself for marriage

The quintessential Indian heroine, be it the lead in films or protagonists in books, once corresponded to the idea of an demure damsel who holds her ‘morals’ dear – the never-been-kissed girl who can do it all for her one true love, saves her ‘virginity’ for marriage, frequents the neighbourhood temple and aspires to be domesticated. Amrita Rao in Vivah, Madhuri Dixit in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun or Aishwarya Rai in Hum Dil Chuke Sanam…the list is too long. The turn of the century saw a slight departure from this trend with the introduction of the modern heroine, albeit cosmetically. It is only recently that portrayal of female characters in cinema and literature on the home turf has undergone a paradigm shift to lend them a more humane dimension, taking them down from the holier-than-thou pedestal and treating them as flawed human beings like you and me.

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  1. Wow!

    I would definitely would like to read the novel!

    This is a great move, our society really needs ti understand that even women have desires, women talking about their sexuality in open is not a sin, it’s about expressing their desires and feelings. High time to make people understand this.

  2. Really enjoyed this! And yes this…Female characters with strong sexual personas have existed in the past too. Case in point: Paro in Dev D who is shown to help herself to a liberating orgasm. But these characters and such portrayals were few and far between until the arrival of The Dirty Picture…is just so relevant! Would like to read more from you!

  3. Got to read it.. Not only because the topic is bold but also by the way that this article unfolds itself one by one.
    These types of books should be written even more.
    These are definitely here to stay.

  4. got reminded of Lust Stories, especially the last movie by Karan Johar. Women too can have sexual desires!! Society and the sweet old Indian household, Indian men and women should understand and accept this fact.

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