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Updated On: February 5, 2024
overcoming infidelity

Surviving infidelity in marriages is difficult, but possible. When you have been together for so long, betrayal in a relationship can topple the very foundation and structure on which your relationship had been built. It can take a long time, lots of effort and impeccable communication to bring things back on track and reignite the spark in your marriage.

There are many causes of infidelity in marriage such as boredom in a relationship, feeling invalidated by your partner or feeling like your needs are not met in your primary relationship. Such reasons can lead one to start emotional cheating or flirting often with those around them. One might also just be bogged down by the other stressors in one’s life and could resort to extramarital affairs to change things up.

Overcoming Infidelity

Overcoming infidelity or working your way up from an episode of cheating can take a lot of time and patience. One has to be incredibly honest and sincere towards their partner. Apologizing profusely won’t make a difference unless your partner can believe and see the truth in your eyes.

That being said, affairs, office romances, or even emotional cheating signs are now commonly observed among people. This can lead to lots of pain in relationships, saying hurtful things to one another or a broken marriage. One might even find themselves in a sexless marriage because the other partner is fulfilling their needs elsewhere and is not contributing to the primary relationship anymore. Dealing with infidelity is also an individual experience and depends on how much one is willing to compromise or forgive someone who has cheated with them. Some may find it extremely bothersome and want to break things off while others may try to see the bigger picture and move forward together.

With the right couples counseling, one can deal with these tensions well – but only if both partners are willing to move on from this bad episode together. Bonobology has a skilled panel of counselors that are only a click away who can help you and your marriage.

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Overcoming infidelity is no easy thing. Which is why, one has to be incredibly honest and sincere with one’s apology. To revive your marriage after infidelity, you must be as earnest as you can be when you ask for forgiveness.

Overhearing your husband cracking an inside joke with an old friend doesn’t mean that you have a cheating husband on your hands. It’s important to assess the relationship and understand the nature of the problem before you jump to any conclusions. One needs to look out for whether your partner has a trend of flirting with the opposite gender because that indeed could be emotional cheating.

If your partner has been caught cheating, the survival rate of your marriage depends from couple to couple. It depends on the individual experiences of that relationship and also comes down to whether you have been cheated on before and are willing to compromise in a relationship again.

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Your physical relationship follows in the footsteps of your emotional connection. So once your emotional connection improves, your sex life will improve too.

Your ‘first’ anything is going to scare you. Whether it is your first time jumping into a pool or riding a bicycle. That is why when you experience your first dealing with heartbreak of your first love, you haven’t quite learnt how to deal with it, which is why it hurts so much.

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