Bhavani Mistry

Bhavani Mistry fell in love with the written word during the course of her career as a journalist. She digs at self-help books and food with equal enthusiasm. She is a die-hard fan of American TV series Friends and cracks up on all the jokes in the series every time despite watching it umpteen times. She hopes to scale up to be able to write with such creativity one day.

When You Miss Your Ex

What To Do When You Miss Your Ex? Expert Tips To Ease The Pain

While missing an ex can be considered normal, it can have detrimental effects if you are unable to move on in life. So here are some tips and suggestions given by clinical psychologist Adya Poojari to help you to forget an ex and make peace with your past.

Will I Be Alone Forever

Will I Be Alone Forever? How It Feels And Ways To Get Over It

If you have been single for a long time, there is a possibility that you have started thinking, ‘Will I be alone forever’? Your doubts, concerns and insecurities stem from whether you have always been single, are divorced or have had a breakup. Whatever be the case, here are ways to help you overcome that ‘being alone’ feeling.

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