Osama Suhail

Osama Suhail has been practicing since the past 14 years. He is Managing Partner at ANZ LAWZ and covers litigation in the Supreme Court, High Court, and District/Family Courts.A leading family matter lawyer, his experience covers a range of family law, such as divorce, alimony, maintenance, domestic violence, child custody, NRI divorce cases, etc. He is often quoted in various magazines and newspapers and can be reached at www.anzlawz.com.

Marriage certificate being cut into two

New wife left me, aborted our baby

Question: I am a 34-year-old male and got married on 29th January 2017. I am physically handicapped and the marriage is inter caste. Our marriage was arranged by a known uncle. On May 17th my wife left for her parents’ place; she was pregnant. Since then she has not returned and I recently learnt that has even aborted …

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