Swaty Prakash

Swaty dons many hats including that of a writer, mother, confused feminist, staunch individualist, poet, educator, and a communications consultant. And beneath these many hats is a forever restless mind fuelled mainly by daydreams and imaginary situations.

what women want from men

What Women Want From Men

The top picks for women? Humor, intelligence, honesty, kindness, and values. However, it’s worth noting that ‘good looks,’ ‘facial attractiveness,’ and ‘fitness’ were all rather high up on the women’s’ list as well. Curiously, ‘money,’ social status,’ and ‘prosperity’ were all at the bottom of the list, which seems to run counter to what other studies have concluded.

arjun and meher

Why Is ‘Happily Married For 20 years’ Turning To ‘Married No More’ These Days?

In our grandparents’ age, why weren’t there more stories of people separating after decades of staying married? And why is it now that couples, who look seemingly happy, announce separation? What has changed in the last few years? Mehr Jesia and Arjun Rampal are “not a couple anymore”, read the headline. My ever curious 75-year-old …

Why Is ‘Happily Married For 20 years’ Turning To ‘Married No More’ These Days? Read More »

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