What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Being Pregnant In A Dream? 7 Possible Explanations

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Updated On: January 8, 2024
Spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream

You are riding high on the corporate ladder, and finally finding some ground in personal relationships too. It feels like those invisible landmines in your life have diffused. Between all this, suddenly one night you have a dream that you are pregnant. Pregnant? Now? But that’s not what you have been aspiring for. You wake up with questions and anxiety. You wonder if the signals are all too literal or if there is some other spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream.

Read on to understand what such pregnancy dreams mean and look into the possible spiritual explanations of such dreams. In this article, Swaty Prakash, a communication coach with certification in Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty and Stress from Yale University and a PG Diploma in Counseling and Family Therapy, breaks down the underlying pregnancy dreams meaning and discusses the common connotations of such dreams as well as the deeper spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream.

How Common Are Pregnancy Dreams?

Pregnant women often have dreams that involve newborn babies, labor pains, or even morning sickness. It is understandable given the anxiety and the slew of uncertainties that come with being pregnant. With the mind constantly harrowing about the ifs, buts, whys, and what ifs during these nine months, sleep hours too aren’t spared. Crazy pregnancy dreams often dog most of the sleep hours during the pregnancy period.

However, dreams of pregnancy are not restricted to pregnant women alone. A lot of women who are not even considering becoming pregnant in their waking moments, nor have the remotest hidden motherly instinct may have such dreams. They may wonder if societal pressure to get pregnant is playing on your mind, or is it something else?

\Well, not all pregnancy dreams are about being pregnant. In fact, dreams of pregnancy are not even restricted to women, they are common among people of all genders, and have several biblical meanings, none of which are literally related to pregnancy.

This is because dreams can be a way your brain is processing and regulating emotions, or an indicator of some repressed feelings. So, while the pregnancy dream may mean that you are actually pregnant, that is not all it means. There may be myriad reasons why people dream. It could be a good sign, but it could also be an indicator of anxiety and repressed emotions. But before we delve deeper into the spiritual aspect or biblical meaning of such dreams, let us hear what are some of the popular explanations about why we dream at all.

  • From wakefulness to dreams: Research corroborates the Continuity hypothesis, which believes that what we do in our waking hours continues in our dreams
  •  Emotional regulation: Some experts believe that our dreams are the brain’s way to regulate emotions and help us find solutions and new ideas
  •  Replays moments of reality: It is also believed that sometimes people dream to replay the moments of the waking hours to form better memory and to cement their presence in our lives
  •  Free association: Sigmond Freud believed that irrespective of how bizarre your dreams are, they always mean something. It could be a repressed emotion or a truth even your conscious mind isn’t completely aware of

So, dream experts believe that there is a lot going on when you have crazy pregnancy dreams because as bizarre as the dream itself sounds, there is a deep connection between dreams and pregnancy. A lot of times the subconscious mind tries to tell us about focus and anxiety through a dream about this natural process of life. It could be a good sign or a warning sign, but dreams are almost always trying to convey something to us.

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5 Most Common Pregnancy Dreams

In the real world, pregnancy is a life-altering milestone for an individual. As Lauri Loewenberg, a certified dream expert and author, says, “In real life, when the body is pregnant, it is working hard to develop, build and create a new life that is precious and full of possibilities. In the dream world, when the body is pregnant, it reflects your ability to develop, work hard, and create a new life… for yourself that is precious and full of possibilities!”

So, even though studies suggest that pregnant women are more likely to have dreams about pregnancy, even non-pregnant women had similar dreams, though with different connotations.

So you might ask, “What do pregnancy dreams mean?” Well, all such dreams of pregnancy that represent any time or event from conception to finally having a baby are pregnancy dreams. Here are the five most common pregnancy dreams that people have.

1. Dreaming about a pregnancy test

A common pregnancy dream, when you have a vivid dream about a pregnancy test, could be a manifestation of your inner wish to get pregnant or start a family in real life. Are you yearning to be a parent or obsessing over having a baby? Well, if the answer is yes, then in all likelihood, the dream about a pregnancy test is simply mirroring your emotions.

However, if even in the deepest layers of your subconscious, pregnancy doesn’t ring a bell, dreams of pregnancy or even pregnancy symptoms could mean something else. It could mean that you need a new creative outlet to channel your creativity.

  • A positive pregnancy test could mean you are embarking on a new venture or a new idea that requires your nurturing and focus. It could even mean you are starting a new relationship. If you experience joy while dreaming, it means this new phase is something that may bring with it a fresh lease on life
  •  A negative pregnancy test could again mean a new responsibility but the negative result could be an extension of your inhibitions about taking up the new role
  •   An unplanned pregnancy, uncomfortable physical changes, or pregnancy symptoms like nausea and morning sickness may also mean you so DO NOT want to get pregnant right now. The spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream with such details could mean that the fear of responsibility is making you anxious, or it could be reminder that you often end up self-sabotaging relationships.

2. Dreams about giving birth to an animal

For a lot of us, the closest to having a baby is having a pet. But imagine dreaming about giving birth to an animal. Pregnant or not, it sure qualifies as a bizarre dream in any human dictionary.

When Kimberly, 43, told Lauri about her dream, she was totally out of her wits. She said, “I dreamed last night I was in labor and found out I was almost ready to give birth to a seahorse! My dear friend was sitting in a glass room there for support and a woman was saying it was time to deliver then I woke up.”

The dream expert broke it down and told her that it meant that whatever creative project she was working on needed to be out in public now. “Time to deliver, girl!” she said. Sea horse, she explained, meant an emotional or creative outlet as a seahorse is a water creature, and water denotes creativity and emotions.

Sometimes, people dream of giving birth to cats, monkeys, pups, and even aliens! Each animal represents something different but all such weird pregnancy dreams mostly tell you about the creative process you are part of, and the anxiety you might be feeling due to it, say dream analysts.

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3. Dreams about giving birth to an unusual-looking baby… or a monster

There is one very interesting aspect of dreams. While we have already discussed how they can’t always be taken literally and may have some psychological meaning attached, another one is that they are not how they look.

Simply put, if you gave birth to an unusual-looking baby or a monster in your dream, it doesn’t mean something THAT bad is in store for you. Contrary to that, dream experts say that it could mean that you are indulging in something that is out of your comfort zone. For example, if you are in an introvert who has just joined a dating site, the anxiety could be playing up, and the reason behind this dream. Dating and social anxiety aren’t the best buddies, you see!

4. You have twins or triplets

Now that could be a harrowing one for someone who is not even planning a pregnancy! A dream where you give birth to twins or triplets could mean that in real life, you are handling much more than you can manage. There is a spiritual meaning of being pregnant with twins in a dream but we will discuss that in a later section.

Meanwhile, if the dream is about sick or injured twins, it usually is a projection of the stress or anxiety you are feeling in your waking life. Maybe, you are in a new relationship, or job and you are afraid that you might not be able to handle it, or that you might fail.

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5. Dreaming about being pregnant with ex’s baby

My friend, Natasha, got hyper-anxious when she had a dream of being pregnant with her ex’s baby. Her first question was, “Do I still love him? Is it a bad omen for my new relationship?”

Well, not really!

Dreaming about being pregnant with someone who is not in your life anymore may sound like a desperate wake-up call. And for sure, it sounds like a weird pregnancy dream. But it is yet another common pregnancy dream women have. This crazy dream doesn’t necessarily mean that you have suppressed, hidden feelings for your ex. Dream analysts say that such a pregnancy dream means quite the opposite actually.

Spirituality and Mythology

It means that you are turning a new leaf and the past relationship has given you a new insight into the new life ahead of you. So, fret not and dream on!

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Being Pregnant In A Dream? 7 Possible Explanations

We have so far discussed the very basic meaning of dreams about pregnancy, but there is a whole other dimension to the world of dreams which is much more wholesome. Dreams take us where we wouldn’t tread in our waking life. Oftentimes, our dreams dive into the inaccessible folds of our inner self, which we often miss while going through the motions of life.

Tell me honestly. How many of us have the time, patience, or depth to pause and be in harmony with our spiritual being? How many of us can let the soul talk, while the more pragmatic practical self takes a backseat? How many of us can meditate and not actually sleep? Not many, I am afraid.

So dreams are the best way, for us, mere mortals, to come face-to-face with our spiritual selves. Dreams and pregnancy have a strange spiritual connection. Because dreams are the windows to our inner selves often unknown to us, they are also in a way our spiritual blueprint and the roadmap of a new life. Let us look at the spiritual meaning of someone being pregnant in a dream.

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1. You are ready to be part of something bigger, grander

Pregnancy makes a woman one with nature, and her femininity takes a more defining shape. The pregnant woman glows with maternal love within her and she beams with part anxiety and part courage to take on this momentous change in her.
One of the popular spiritual meanings of being pregnant in dreams is that your inner self is now ready to embark on a much deeper spiritual journey. Such a dream is not a crazy dream, rather the biblical meaning of such a dream is that your spiritual being is guiding you and probably empowering you to take the first step on this journey. Yes, it could mean you are ready for a spiritual relationship with someone, and in all likeliness, that someone is you.

2. You are seeking an identity change

Pregnancy is probably the fastest way a woman’s identity is transformed at so many deeper levels. From the moment a woman discovers she is pregnant, she becomes a mother. Another spiritual meaning of being pregnant in dreams is that you want to get out of your mold or identity and take a new, better identity. Spiritually, it could mean that you are currently feeling stuck in your life, role, or identity, feeling trapped in a relationship, and are gearing up for a new healing in life.

3. Your inner child is craving attention

This explanation of what is the spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream may sound a little complicated in the first go. So let me break it down for you. Pregnancy is not just the birth of a baby, it is the birth of a mother too. A pregnant woman, right from the moment of awareness of this new change within her, becomes the nurturer and the protector of her baby.

In our everyday lives, marred with responsibilities and expectations, we often forget to tend to the inner child that stays within us. We grow up and often grow out of the bond we have with our inner child. But when this real, vulnerable self feels too smothered and ignored, it reaches out to us through our dreams.

That’s why being pregnant in a dream could mean that your inner child wants you to be the nurturer and protector. It is a spiritual call to move inwards and start paying attention to the inner being who craves your attention. Oftentimes when people are doing things or living a life that is stifling them, they might have such pregnancy dreams.

Sometimes, we may feel a unique attraction to someone even though we are in a happy relationship. Such dreams may be a way of your subconscious recognizing soulmate energy in this other person.

4. The road ahead isn’t that bumpy

Forgive the wordplay here but one of the explanations is that dreaming of the baby bump means that the future you are so anxious about is probably not as rough as you expect it to be. If you dream of having painless labor, its spiritual meaning is that all turmoil and tribulations you are going through presently in life are temporary.

Look at the larger picture and breathe in. It is all a matter of time before you would be able to figure out your reality and be able to fathom your inner self. The biblical meaning of this dream could be “Hang on, and dream on as life will soon fall in place.”

Meanwhile, the spiritual meaning of being pregnant with twins in a dream could be that your mind is juggling between a lot of things or you are torn between many crossroads. The dream of having twins is your subconscious mind warning you about your state of confusion and the emotional rollercoaster you are on.

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5. You are the creator of what lies ahead

This one is an obvious explanation, isn’t it? Dreaming of becoming pregnant is a reminder that you and you alone are responsible for what begets your life. If you dream of giving birth to an ugly baby, the spiritual meaning of this could be that what you are succumbing to in waking life is your own creation.

Yes, in case you are having troubles in your personal bonds, the dream might be a way your inner self is telling you that you are the problem in your relationship and you need to realize that. It is your subconscious mind reminding you that you are the creator of your miseries and you are the one who can pave the path out of these miseries.

6. Your search is about to end

If you have a dream that you are heavily pregnant or in the third trimester of pregnancy, it could be that whatever you have been seeking would be sought soon. If you are going through an emotional turmoil or have been in a state of flux with a lot of questions and not enough answers, such a pregnancy dream denotes that this agony is about to end and you might be able to find the answers. Pregnancy dreams in people who are in grief can represent a closure or a new phase that would take them out of their grief cycle.

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7. You are exhausted from nurturing others

Let me share the dream of my 32-year-old client Samantha. Samantha has a brain-injured husband and an ailing mother-in-law. To make matters more complicated, she has a 15-year-old raging teenage daughter. Samantha dreamt of pregnancy and her only question was, “Why? I am not up for another baby, then why this dream? Strangely I knew that I was dreaming and I kept telling myself that this is so wrong.”

What Samantha had was a lucid dream of becoming pregnant. A lucid dream is when the dreamer is aware even while dreaming and often tries to control the vivid dream or remind their sleeping self that it is just a dream.

Let us interpret Samantha’s dream. So far, we have talked about the positive spiritual meanings of being pregnant in a dream, but there is a dream interpretation and meaning on the other side of the spectrum too. Samantha is the primary caregiver for her family members and the one shouldering a lot of responsibilities for too long. This pregnancy dream probably is her inner self reminding her that she is exhausted, and in an emotionally exhausting relationship.

Such dreams may indicate that while you have been the nurturer and the giver, your inner being now feels totally run down. Your subconscious mind is telling you through the dream that this nurturing is sapping you of all your energy and spirit.

Key Pointers

  • Dreams are an extension of our emotions and often a message from the subconscious mind
  • Having vivid pregnancy dreams doesn’t necessarily mean that you are yearning to be a mother
  • The spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream is often that you are at crossroads or embarking on a new journey, which may be in the form of a new job, relationship, decision, or task
  • The spiritual meaning of someone being pregnant in a dream could also be that they are looking for a new identity or it is time for a new creative process and spiritual journey

Now we know that one dream can come with loads of meanings, and sometimes they might be about nothing in particular. It is important to keep a dream journal in case you have such pregnancy dreams on a regular basis. Introspect your life situation and start exploring what you want, try to listen to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you, read about such dreams and you will soon know why you dreamt of an alien when in reality, all you are worried about is finding a love story in the arranged marriage that you have agreed for finally!


1. What do pregnancy dreams mean when you’re not pregnant?

Pregnancy dreams when you’re not pregnant are very common for all genders. While dream experts offer various explanations for such dreams, one major explanation for pregnancy dreams is that you are embarking on a new journey in life, which could be a new job, a new relationship, or a new phase. It can also signal your creative process or the anxiety you might be feeling due to life situations.

 2. Why do I keep having pregnancy dreams?

If you have the desire to be a mother, this could be because of this yearning. Otherwise, the pregnancy dreams are signaling something much deeper for you. Keep a dream journal and note down the key elements of your recurring dream. When you revisit them and try to analyze them, you will know what your subconscious mind has known and is trying to tell you all this while. Maybe your dream is telling you to start exploring within yourself for some new answers and some tough questions.

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