Emotional Stress

There is no denying the fact that an extramarital affair can make one feel like a teenager in love again as the heart races when you see The One and then there is an emotional and physical connection that is established outside the existing relationship. But as the days go by cheating is bound to create emotional stress.

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signs you mean nothing to him

15 Shocking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

You are beginning to get that sinking feeling you are just an option to him. Your once fun relationship is now awkward. But you are not sure if you are reading the signals correctly. A list to help you figure out the signs you mean nothing to him

boyfriend gives me anxiety attacks

Coping With A Boyfriend Who Gives You Anxiety Attacks – 8 Helpful Tips

I was horrified when my closest friend confided to me, “My boyfriend gives me anxiety attacks!” I never expected to hear something like this, especially when she and her boyfriend should have been busy deciding upon their engagement venue! Right from childhood, my bestie, Jenny, was obsessed with the romantic idea of falling in love …

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Guilt-Tripping In Relationships

Is Guilt-Tripping In Relationships A Form Of Abuse?

Mental health expert unravels the layers of guilt-tripping in relationships, explaining why it is a form of emotional abuse, what are the warning signs to look out for and how you can handle being guilt-tripped by a partner

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