Breakups and Scars

No matter at what point of a relationship a breakup happens it takes a toll on you emotionally. You could have been dating a person for some time or you could have been in a long relationship or you decided to call it quits after a few years of marriage, but the whole feeling that you could not make it work persists after the breakup.

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when your ex moves on

9 Ways To Cope When Your Ex Moves On

Moving on may not be easy yet you’ll come to accept it. Take things day by day, cry as much as you want, make new habits, and get into new healthy distractions

why do I feel uneasy in my relationship

7 Reasons You Feel Uneasy In Your Relationship And 3 Things You Can Do

Anxiety is a common, normal, and often healthy emotion. No matter how natural it is to feel anxiety, it’s quite common to wonder, “Why do I feel uneasy in my relationship?” To feel restless in a relationship can look like constantly questioning yourself, your partner, and the relationship as a whole. A natural concern then would be, “Is it relationship anxiety or I’m not in love?”

what to do when your husband abandons you

What To Do When Your Husband Abandons You?

When your husband leaves you for no reason, or at least no apparent reason, the emotional toll of this abandonment can be debilitating. We’re here to help you make some sense of this catastrophe and deal with it as healthily as possible

Signs you need to take a break in your relationship

9 Signs It’s Time For Taking A Break In A Relationship

If you’re ignoring the glaring reasons to take a break in a relationship, you’re basically writing its obituary. Here’s a list of 9 signs it’s time to take a break in your relationship, lest you lose your mental sanity while giving CPR to a dead relationship.

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