Working On the Marriage

This is something you hear all the time. You have to work on marriage to make it work. But what does working on marriage mean? It means you have to put in the extra effort all the time to ensure that your partner feels loved and there remains an emotional and physical connect all the time.

The stories in this section Working On The Marriage are really interesting. Couples who have been working on the marriage tell us how they have been doing it. Some say the most important gifts that a couple can give each other are time and communication. Then comes the effort to understand each other’s views and eccentricities.

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feeling sad and lonely in a relationship

Why Am I So Depressed And Lonely In My Marriage?

If you feel lonely in a marriage, it’s probably because there is a lack of emotional intimacy and a disregard for your needs. There could be other reasons also, ranging from responsibilities to unrealistic expectations and lack of vulnerability.

wife is a narcissist

11 Signs You Have A Narcissistic Wife

Living with a narcissistic woman needs a lot of patience and a deep understanding of her behavior. Let’s take a look at the signs and how to deal with a narcissistic wife.

how to be a better wife and improve your marriage

25 Ways To Be A Better Wife And Improve Your Marriage

In this article, trauma-informed counseling psychologist Anushtha Mishra (MSc, Counseling Psychology), who specializes in providing therapy for concerns such as trauma, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, grief, and loneliness among others, writes about how you can make your marriage work as a woman and shares tips on how you can be a better wife and improve your marriage.