Working On the Marriage

This is something you hear all the time. You have to work on marriage to make it work. But what does working on marriage mean? It means you have to put in the extra effort all the time to ensure that your partner feels loved and there remains an emotional and physical connect all the time. 

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leave and cleave

The Importance Of Leave And Cleave Boundaries In Marriage

To learn to leave and cleave is one of the most important things a couple can commit towards to achieve happiness and peace in marriage. To leave and cleave means to leave your older family which is the one with one’s parents and attach yourself to or cleave to your spouse, allowing the couple space and control over their own lives to build a tighter bond.

Signs a man is unhappy in his marriage

13 Tell-Tale Signs A Man Is Unhappy In His Marriage

To make sure you don’t let things get to the point of no return, catching the signs a man is unhappy in his marriage early on is critical. With the help of psychologist Nandita Rambhia, let’s take a look at the signs you need to know.

5 things that make a relationship work

5 Things That Make A Relationship Work | The Basic Essentials

The 5 things that make a relationship work remain constant throughout all those stages. Does it require voodoo? The dark arts? Lots and lots of money? No, not really (though the money would help). The relationship skills we’re talking about are pretty simple; let’s see what we got.

trust exercises for couples

Trust Exercises For Couples To Improve Relationships – Know From Expert

Do you sometimes think your partner doesn’t have your best interests at heart? Do you think their “friends” might be a bit more than that? Let’s take a look at the trust-building exercises for couples that will help you avoid a panic attack every time your partner says, “I’m going out”. 

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