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husband with another woman

उसके पति ने तर्क दिया, ‘‘किसी के जीवन में दूसरी औरत होना सफलता का हिस्सा है”

एक अरेंज मैरिज जो परफेक्ट लगती थी वह परेशान थी। ऐसा कैसे हो सकता है? जब वह अपने बैग पैक कर रही थी तो उसकी आँखों से आंसू बह रहे थे, उसके हाथ में जो भी आ रहा था, वह सबकुछ बैग में डालती जा रही थी। जहां वह बहुत पहले से जानती थी कि …

उसके पति ने तर्क दिया, ‘‘किसी के जीवन में दूसरी औरत होना सफलता का हिस्सा है” Read More »


उसकी माँ का एक अफेयर था और उसका भी

कांता और मैं 30 वर्षों से दोस्त रहे हैं। कांता, जो अपने 60 के उत्तरार्ध में है और कई बिमारियों से घिरी हुई है, उसने पश्च्याताप की स्थिति में अपने जीवन की कहानी मुझे सुनाई। शायद वह मेरे काफी करीब महसूस कर रही थी और किसी बात ने कन्फेशन को टिग्रर कर दिया? कांता को …

उसकी माँ का एक अफेयर था और उसका भी Read More »

A statue of woman

The Radhey Shyam Love Story

Ranjit got off the rickety bus as soon as it came to a stop in the middle of the village street. Dusting himself he slowly looked around. Nothing seemed familiar. On an instinct, he took a cobbled road to his left and walked, his backpack casually slung over his left shoulder and a piece of …

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Sad girl deep in thought

Flying Ambition Gone Awry

Radha had an arranged marriage. Her parents belonged to a high middle class family. They ensured that Radha and her siblings had a good educational foundation and gave them the freedom to pursue any professional course they had an interest in. Radha was a beautiful young girl and had maintained her good looks as she …

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Dax and the Doomed Affair

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] Dax and I had known each other for a long time. From school days, through college and later as colleagues in the same organisation we have been together. When we joined an outfit after our initial training we shared a room in a PG accommodation quite near our workplace. While I was a …

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The Major and the Minor

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] My friendship with Dax goes a long way back. In fact, one could say we were born on the same day! In a manner of speaking, Dax was my alter ego. One evening, overcome by nostalgia triggered by an overdose of drinks at the bar, Dax began blabbering a sweet episode in his …

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Dax and the Dance-o-Maniac

[mnky_ads id=”1737″] Dax and I were sitting one evening at one of the tables on the Club Lawns. This was our first visit to the Club after becoming members. The cool sea-breeze was gently making its way from the Bay of Bengal towards the city bringing in a welcome change from the morning sultry weather. …

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Beautiful woman having tea

The Morning Cuppa

As I sit sipping my morning cup of tea Thoughts involuntarily saunter towards thee Although you are quite far away My thoughts are steady and do not stray Every sip is a reminder of the times We spent together listening to the chimes As the wind brushed against the metallic tubes Making us look like …

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