Shweta Luthra

Shweta is a lawyer who began her professional journey in corporate law, and later, chose to pursue her passion and studied M.Sc. in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Research Methods) at the University of Oxford, followed by a PhD in criminal procedure and mental health law at the University of Leicester. She has been working with the NGO Support Against Sexual Harassment – SASHA – since 2014. In affiliation with SASHA, Shweta has worked with organizations, pan India, providing support on matters of sexual harassment, code of conduct violations, and discrimination at the workplace. She also conducts awareness sessions on the POSH Act to sensitize employees; train internal committees on how to conduct inquiries, and assist leadership teams in conducting risk assessments and implementing preventive policies. She also provides support to schools on matters of child safety and prevention of child sexual abuse and conducts sensitizations sessions for students and faculty on these subjects. Shweta also sits on the advisory boards of Aks Foundation in Pune – an organization that assists victims of gender-based violence (domestic and sexual abuse), and Private Equity Pro Partners.