Ruchika Thukral

Have worked with Women's Web, a space dedicated for the marginalized voices of women and LGBTQ domain. Have studied extensively relationships in literature to understand the social dynamics that affect a relationship

flirty dares over text

69 Flirty Dares Over Text To Spice Things Up

There are so many ways in which you can spice up a conversation with a person instead of using a pick-up line. And the easiest way to break the ice is with ‘talk flirt dare’ questions. From asking about their first kiss to asking them to jump off a cliff in freezing sea water, the possibilities are endless.

throuple relationship

Throuple Relationship: Meaning, Rules, And Tips To Make It Work

Being in a throuple sounds exciting as you get to express yourself to more than one person, the sex is amazing, and you don’t feel alone if one partner is away. But do three-way relationships work? Well, throuples can be difficult to maintain. You’d think it’s easy finding a third for a throuple on Feeld, and that’s all that’s needed. But throuples require extra effort, and not everyone can handle it.

Should I Call My Ex

Should I Call My Ex — 12 Tips To Decide

Relationship coaches may scream from the rooftops that you should never contact your ex. But my ex called me to see how I was doing. And we got together after that. That has led me to believe that it really depends on the situation, and there can’t be a general answer. So, let me help you decide if you have the right reasons to call your ex.

living apart together

Living Apart Together: Decoding The Latest Trend Said To Save Relationships

As you become aware or accepting of the fact that there is no one right or wrong way to build a relationship, it’s not hard to see why such an arrangement may work well for some couples. And that it’s neither peculiar nor illogical. After all, the invisible labor of keeping a relationship alive has led us all to mull, “Is taking space good for a relationship?” If that question resonates with you, taking a closer look at the nitty-gritty of living apart together relationship may be worth your while.

how to get your ex back when he has moved on

How To Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On? 15 Tips

Hollywood often likes to go La Vie En Rose when it comes to romance. But love is complicated. People don’t get back into the same relationship just because of love. They do it either to avoid getting better or because they have gotten better. The only difference is that in the former scenario, it’s likely to be toxic, while in the latter scenario, personal growth will be organic.

how to lose feelings for someone you love

How To Lose Feelings For Someone You Love And Let Go

Love is a powerful feeling. But breaking up with someone and trying to move on while incessantly missing them – that bag of feelings is potent. But if you want to know how to lose feelings for someone you love, you need to believe in yourself. We all get there. Eventually.

dating sucks

7 Reasons Why Modern Dating Sucks And How To Cope

Everyone needs love, but not all of us find it in the same way or through the same methods. But you don’t have to go with the wind. If you feel dating today sucks, you can choose to make some changes to find more fulfilling experiences on the romantic front