Is social media to be blamed for poor couple relationships?

man looking into wife's phone

“Did you see? He liked her FB picture again… It’s been going on for weeks now. What do I do?” Smita is worried, and her sister Taruna is not helping. They were chatting in a café and Smita was furious.

“Oh my, yes, I can see. What can I say? I told you to keep tabs on him. They were very close in college. I really don’t know what made them part ways afterwards.” Taruna sounded concerned for her sister.

“Yes, I have been keeping tabs on him. How else would I know? But what do I do now?” Asked Smita, panicking.

“I had warned you before you chose to marry him. Old flames never die.” Taruna affirmed.

“Okay, I made a bad choice. What do I do now? Should I confront him? Should I talk to her?” said Smita, still hassled.

“I don’t know. Do you think he may be cheating on you?” asked Taruna.

Wife checking husband phone
Lack of trust

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“I don’t think so. It’s been quite okay lately. I mean, we have both been rather busy with deadlines. We haven’t even had a holiday in a long time” Smita sighed.

“Hmm. Maybe it’s time for you to spice up your lives a bit, you know, before he starts getting too involved with her on FB!” was her sister’s gentle advice.

Social media do not spare our lives. Everyone is on Facebook, even our parents, and becomes a minor celebrity when posting life events. They’re also a convenient way to date and search for matrimonial relationships and help folks with more reach and options in relationships. They also help as a lifeline for long-distance couples. But beyond these easy-tech facilities for people to communicate, social media platforms also touch our jealous sides in relationships.

Do you feel social media activity causes jealousy among couples? Is social media making you insecure in your relationship? How do you handle conflicts that emerge from your partner’s social media activity?

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