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Updated On: December 23, 2021
romantic gestures for him

If you want to woo him in a cheesy and cute way, you have come to the right place. We give you a whole list of romantic gestures for him that can make your man feel special! Whether you have just started dating, have been going out for a while or are looking to surprise your spouse, this list of unique romantic gestures can help you.

Who says men only want sex? There are many things men find romantic. Men deserve every bit of love, affection and pampering as much as women do. The right romantic gestures for your man will transform your relationship and show him how much you really care.

Things That Men Find Romantic

Most women think that all men want is to get into her pants. Many men object to that vehemently and say that they do appreciate the finer things about a woman’s company and do not always think about sex. The importance of sex in a relationship cannot be denied but a romantic partnership is much more than that.

So, here we’re going to focus on purely romantic gestures for him that don’t involve sex. It is only fair to grant it to men that everything is not about sex because even they are humans, and therefore, are intellectual, logical, dignified and well-mannered, as much as a woman, maybe.

Small tokens of love and appreciation also go a long way in making a relationship wholesome. Here is a list of romantic gestures for him to show him how much he means to you.

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1. Feeding them their food with your hands

I have found this with wives of IT software engineer husbands. Especially when they are working round the clock and cannot take a break because a deadline is fast approaching. Their wives take to hand-feeding their beloved husbands and it is so heartwarming to see this exchange. The grateful husband seems like an infant.

2. Sitting with them to watch a football match

Many husbands love to spend their spare time watching their favorite sport. When it comes to cricket, many women in India are even more passionate about the game than their partners. If a girlfriend or wife makes an effort to sit through a sport at the grounds or even in front of the TV, the man feels it is a romantic gesture and will even go to the extent of reciprocating by taking her out for a spin or a meal after the game.

Don’t be the kind of nagging partner asking him to turn off the TV and give all his attention to you. Space in relationships is important and you must allow him to be himself too. In fact, do him one better by curling next to him with a bowl of popcorn. You do not have to share his interest to show him that you care about him. But just being there can make all the difference.

This is one of those small romantic gestures that can leave a big impact.

3. Learning to change the car tire

An independent woman is a great attraction for many men. If she can change a flat tire all by herself without the help of a man, he’d look at her as a diva, and the shared effort seems very romantic. Many men proudly proclaim to their friends that the wife can and does fix the tire in case of a flat on the road.

A man always wants to love you and care for you. But you can show him once in a while that you can care for yourself too. This makes him feel proud and he will love you even more. This is one of the unique romantic gestures that will definitely make your relationship much stronger.

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4. Cooking for him

The mere act of cooking his favorite foods can make him feel thoroughly loved, turning this everyday activity into a highly romantic gesture. Especially when this is a rare gesture that happens once in a while. Cook him a meal from scratch after he has had a long day at work and he will love you immensely.

things men find romantic
One of the small romantic gestures for him is to cook him a meal from scratch

4. Playing monopoly with the entire family

Most families I know have a session of paying Life or Monopoly or carroms once or twice a month just to chill and enjoy leisure time. This is one of the cozy winter date ideas that you can enjoy with the family too. It also counts as one of the romantic gestures for him that a woman can initiate and make Dad the main guy in the game. Let him be the referee, the judge. Let him feel like God.

5. Gardening

This is one of the sweetest romantic gestures for a new relationship. Organic gardens are probably the best thing to romantically incline your mate, digging in the soil, planting new life, repotting the soil in older posts, composting, vermiculture and watching your plants thrive into lush green plants and flowers. It’s also a great joy to let him pluck the first fruits. You can even name a particular fruit in his honor.

6. Going on long rides with you

This is the most highly rated activity for romance. Letting the winds graze your hair and face, on the way to your favorite forest or lake or mountain is probably the best way to make a day romantic and filled with well-being and joy. A long drive is one of the things men find romantic. Pick up your keys and set out on a lovely evening!

7. Give him a massage

A lovely head massage is truly a thing of pleasure to any man. Learn how to give a good head and neck massage and provide this service on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s truly romantic and doesn’t mean he will expect a happy ending.

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8. Be ready to receive any romantic gesture

Your willingness to accept a romantic act is in itself a source of pleasure to your man. That does not mean he will read any sexual intent in it. The fact that you aren’t distant, cold or offhand about his flying kiss is very romantic to him.

It kind of validates his role in your life. One of the romantic gestures for him is to simply respond to the gestures he makes toward you. Think of some romantic things to say to him when he does something for you.

9. Praise and appreciate him

If you want to know what could be some small romantic gestures that you could make a part of your relationship, this one definitely makes the cut. The most romantic move is to acknowledge his worth in your life.

Praising any aspect of his personality, values or behavior will boost his self-esteem, and therefore, his love for you. Always remember, a warm rub of his back and shoulders makes any man feel safe and secure and know it’s such a romantic move on your part.

By making these romantic gestures for him an integral part of your relationship and life, you can consistently deepen and strengthen your bond with your partner. No more having to worry about the spark dying down.


1. What is the most romantic thing to do for a guy?

There are many ways to show your endearment and love. One of the unique romantic gestures for him is to cook for him. Bake him a cake or a full meal when he comes over. This kind of effort and love is undeniable and he will be beyond happy.

2. What is the most romantic gesture?

The most romantic gesture can be writing him a song, putting on his favorite movie or bringing him his favorite snack. Remember, it is the little things that count. Show him that you thought of him in these small ways.

3. What are the things that guys like?

Guys like feeling loved just as much as women do. Cuddling them, playing board games with them, giving them a massage or simply telling them sincerely how much you love them are things they will always adore you for.

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  1. Saloni Maheshwari

    The theory goes that men aren’t supposed to like romance. But more and more of them are coming out of their shell to admit that, yes, they want to be wooed from time to time, too. The type and nature of the gesture is more important than the size!

  2. Manjari Thakur

    Okay. Now this is heartwarming. As they say, happiness lies in the little things. Any human, irrespective of their gender, would be a happy person, if one learns to enjoy these happy moments.

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