feeling sad and lonely in a relationship

Why Am I So Depressed And Lonely In My Marriage?

If you feel lonely in a marriage, it’s probably because there is a lack of emotional intimacy and a disregard for your needs. There could be other reasons also, ranging from responsibilities to unrealistic expectations and lack of vulnerability.

signs you mean nothing to him

15 Shocking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

You are beginning to get that sinking feeling you are just an option to him. Your once fun relationship is now awkward. But you are not sure if you are reading the signals correctly. A list to help you figure out the signs you mean nothing to him

how to fix a toxic relationship

8 Ways To Help Your Depressed Boyfriend

Loving someone with depression is not an easy thing to do. The stress from your loved one’s lack of well-being can truly take a toll on your own mental health too. But that does not mean you should give up or walk out.

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