Dysfunctional relationships

contempt in relationships

Contempt In Relationships: The Toxic Behavior You Must Avoid

As toxic traits go, contempt in a relationship is high on the list. If you or your partner behaves in a superior manner and disrespects the other, these red flags need to be addressed. Sarcasm, mockery, sneering, and eye-rolling are indications that your relationship needs work to survive. Is it worth the effort? Read on to know more…

dismissive avoidant attachment

Dismissive-Avoidant Attachment: Signs, Causes, And Ways To Overcome

Every adult has a particular attachment style that shows up in their relationships. This style is a result of their childhood and manner of upbringing. One such style is the Dismissive Avoidant Attachment. People with this attachment style exhibit particular traits when it comes to matters concerning emotional connection, commitment, and control. This article explores ways to change this attachment style and work towards healthier relationships.

signs of a codependent relationship

15 Indisputable Signs Of A Codependent Relationship

Codependency is among the most toxic and dysfunctional relationship dynamics you can share with someone. So it’s best to look out for these signs of a codependent relationship and take remedial action.

How To Overcome Codependency In Relationships

How To Overcome Codependency In Relationships

If you feel responsible for your partner’s behavior and emotional state or see your relationship as the sole focus of your life, learn how to overcome codependency and live a wholesome life

how to get your ex back when he has moved on

How To Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On? 15 Tips

Hollywood often likes to go La Vie En Rose when it comes to romance. But love is complicated. People don’t get back into the same relationship just because of love. They do it either to avoid getting better or because they have gotten better. The only difference is that in the former scenario, it’s likely to be toxic, while in the latter scenario, personal growth will be organic.

dating sucks

7 Reasons Why Modern Dating Sucks And How To Cope

Everyone needs love, but not all of us find it in the same way or through the same methods. But you don’t have to go with the wind. If you feel dating today sucks, you can choose to make some changes to find more fulfilling experiences on the romantic front

gaslighting phrases in relationships

25 Gaslighting Phrases In Relationships That Kill Love

Common gaslighting phrases and gaslighting sentences are used by a gaslighter to confuse a person, control them, and erode their self-esteem. Narcissist gaslighting phrases used by a narcissist can be even more dangerous and painful when used in a relationship. Since it can very easily be overlooked, we list out the most common gaslighting phrases so you don’t have to question whether you’re being emotionally abused or not.