Handsome man with beard

Men will be Men!

As they say.. Men will be men! A man can fall in love multiple times because he is a man! And Men are like that. A married man can fall for a spinster, a colleague, a neighbour, a student, friend’s wife, friend’s daughter, even his daughter’s friend! You know love sees no boundaries! Coz ‘Dil …

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Non-consensual sex

Is marriage an excuse for rape?

Rape is a topic that makes many people of all ages uncomfortable. Few people think of themselves as potential rape victims, and even fewer consider themselves capable of the rape of another. The natural reluctance to talk about the issue and the widespread existence of mistaken ideas about rape have resulted in a great deal …

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he dumped me

He Dumped Me Because Of His Parents

When a guy dumps you unexpectedly, uncovering the reasons behind this sudden dagger through your heart is all that matters to you. In an attempt to try and find some closure, you hope the reason is something inexcusable, something that completely warrants a breakup. But getting dumped by someone you love because of reasons like …

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