Why Are Simple Pleasures In Life And Relationships A Big Deal?

simple pleasures

When the simple pleasures come our way, they can often slip by under the radar, without us even acknowledging them. On the other hand, when you wake up and see you’re all out of eggs, i.e, when minor inconveniences come your way, it significantly worsens your mood. As a result, we’re left under the assumption that the pleasures of life are hard to come by. Perhaps you can’t even remember the last time something good happened to you.

But have you ever thought about how that might be the case because your definition of the ‘pleasures of life’ is flawed? The simple pleasures in life, like your partner bringing home your favorite dessert as a surprise, when acknowledged and appreciated can show you just how lucky you are.

The pleasures of life don’t have to be grand vacations or big purchases. They exist in the warm embrace of your partner, and the moment of peace you share with your spouse when the kids are asleep. Read on to find out why “it’s the little things that mean the most” holds true.

Why Are Life’s Small Pleasures A Big Deal?

My fever had left me barely able to walk from one room to the other, forget doing a hundred things a mother has on her checklist every single day. My husband had an assignment to submit at work the very next day and my son was at his crankiest worst.

Seeing how my 4-year-old wouldn’t let me out of his sight even for a moment, my husband got me to lock the bedroom and take a nap. As I nestled my head into the pillow, he scooped my son into his arms and cradled him to sleep whilst entertaining him with stories that I could faintly hear him giggling to.

On an ordinary day or in one of my moods, I would have said parenting is all about sharing responsibilities without making a big deal of small acts of kindness. But, on that day, at that very moment, this little gesture occupied the greatest share of my heart as it had made my life richer in an inexplicable way.

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It reminded me of a video I once saw, which talked about how the smallness of small pleasures isn’t really an assessment of how much they have to offer us; it is a reflection of how many good things we unfairly neglect in our lives.

An act that brings you pleasure may look very minor, but if properly grasped and processed, the simple pleasures may be among the most moving and satisfying we can have. When you enjoy the simple things in life, you’ll be more grateful for the things around you and less wasteful of the relationships you’ve established. Small pleasures, in relationships as well, can make you appreciate just how unique and loving your bond is. It’ll make you believe you’ve found your soulmate.

simple pleasures in life can make all the difference
Small pleasures in life can make all the difference

The Little Things In A Relationship Are Important

We all know in our hearts that after the shine of the diamond has waned and the euphoria of compliments after a raise at work has settled, it is the warm feeling of being cared for and loved that we all want to return to. And yet, how many times do we care to tell a spouse who has accepted the role of a caretaker that it’s because of them that we get to work peacefully, knowing that the child is in safe and caring hands?

Or let a breadwinning partner know that it’s because of them that we enjoy the bigger pleasures like a home or a dream vacation? Do we really care to tell a spouse who’s a good cook that it is they who make mealtimes feel like a much-awaited experience? Or an expressive partner that it is they who make our life worth living?

No; we don’t feel the need to do it every single time, because we think they ought to know it. And unconsciously, in relationships, what was exciting transforms into monotonous, special turns ordinary and life becomes drudgery even before one realizes it.

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When we appreciate small pleasures, it only means that we are trusting our own responses a little more. Restless, we think, is synonymous with success. Nothing should be good enough for long. While we concern ourselves with unattainable levels of excellence, we overlook more modest pleasures that are closer to home.

Why do we fall out of giddy bouts of romance? Or the warmth of a happy marriage? And yet can’t stop looking for it everywhere around us? Because we seek the adrenaline that initial love offers without realizing that even after it has waned off, life continues to be extraordinary in little moments.

We are in a race to capture perfect moments and perfect happiness in precisely the perfect way we imagined it. We grow apart not only because we grow out of respect, understanding, and tenderness, but even more because we grow out of hugs, kisses, and moments of giving and receiving praise.

How Being Appreciative Of The Simple Pleasures Is Important For Your Relationship

The little things in a relationship are what keep it going. But what exactly happens when you truly learn to appreciate the small pleasures in life and your relationships? How will your relationship benefit? What goes through your partner’s mind when you tell them just how much it means to you when they take care of the kids while you’re trying to catch some shut-eye?

Let’s take a look at how understanding what are simple pleasures and acknowledging them in your relationship can lead to a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

love and romance

1. Acknowledging the simple pleasures means you’re acknowledging your partner

A simple “Thank you for the things you do for me, I love you” is bound to make your partner feel good. When you acknowledge the little things they do for you, you’re also acknowledging them and validating the effort they put into the relationship for you. As a result, they’d want to continue being kind and loving towards you. Thus, by simply acknowledging the small pleasures, you end up developing a more caring, nurturing bond.

2. Improve emotional intimacy in your relationship (show affection)

In the absence of unwavering emotional intimacy, relationship problems are bound to occur sooner or later. By taking note of the little things in a relationship, you’ll thus be making sure the emotional intimacy you have with your partner is positively affected as a result.

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3. It’s a great way of showing affection

When your partner is appreciative of the simple pleasures in life, you’re more likely to go out of your way to do the kind of things that will make his/her day. Since this is a great way of showing affection in your relationship, it’ll only lead to a stronger bond between you two. Without even really saying anything, you’ll tell your partner just how much you value them.

So while there’s nothing wrong in loving madly and deeply, making crazy professions to see a loved one blush, surprising with treats and treasures, let’s most importantly learn to recognize and appreciate the beauty in little things that a loved one does for us. For we might not realize that in a hectic world where things often seem spiraling out of control, a shared cup of coffee, a warm hug, an unexpected compliment or a loving pat is all that one needs to heal.


1. What are life’s most simple pleasures?

The simple pleasures of life are the things you might take for granted, the things that give you joy but are often overlooked. For example, your partner going out of their way to help you out with your chores, waking up after getting a good night’s rest, eating a delicious meal, the simple pleasures in life are all around you.

2. How do you enjoy the simple pleasures in life?

You can enjoy the simple pleasures in life by being more appreciative, grateful and mindful of the things around you. If something good happens to you, don’t disregard it as something that was expected to happen. Acknowledge it, appreciate and truly be grateful for it. Consider the things that already happen around you, and try to establish if your privilege might have made you take a few things for granted.

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