Simra Sadaf

Writer. Reader. Storyteller. I strongly believe I was born to play with words. Fascinated by language from early on in life, I feel the enigmatic emotions that words hold which others fail to fathom. I have an extensive knowledge of Literature and Sociology which I incorporate in my writings. I have survived some of the darkest times. When all the quiet parts of me were in grief, the only thing that saved me was words. I penned them all down and immortalized my suffering so nobody else has to go through the insufferable thinking they are alone in this draconian world. And Bonobology has made it easier to help those people who are struggling with the same issues as mine.

signs he is talking to someone else

11 Signs He Is Talking To Someone Else

Suspicious of your partner talking to someone else behind your back? Here are some foolproof ways to find out if he is double-dipping with another woman.

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