Tia Basu

Reader, writer, editor As a highly romantic teen, I devoured romance novels. As a slightly less romantic adult, I am endlessly fascinated by love stories. Love is precious, messy, lopsided and almost always worth it. I’ve been a writer and editor for nearly 15 years, having worked in newsrooms, tech companies, social media and more. Relationships remain one of my favorite storytelling spaces and every story I've helped tell over the years has been a little bit about connections. I write primarily about love that is difficult, relationships that we often find difficult to explain even to ourselves, and Bonobology offers me the space to do so with humor, depth and affection.

Wife Is Changing Her Mind About Divorce

9 Sure Signs Your Wife Is Changing Her Mind About Divorce

It’s the little things, they always say. The little but oh-so-significant things that make up a relationship. And when a marriage is on the rocks and divorce is in the air, these little things are usually neglected, which only makes things worse.

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