How many of you have plucked flowers and played the “Loves me, loves me not” game? Isn’t that fun? If you have done this in the past or still do it then chances are you will just love our Quiz section.

Relationship quizzes are a great way of finding out how much you know about your relationship. From love compatibility to whether you are dominant or submissive in bed, there is every kind of fun quiz on Bonobology.

If you go through these quizzes you can find out how healthy is your relationship, what kind of partner suits you and who is your spirit animal?

Our personal favourites are quizzes like:

  1. Is your smartphone taking a toll on your relationship?
  2. What kind of life partner are you?
  3. Are you ready to get married?
  4. Is your partner risky?

(Well the last one is rather interesting!) So what are you waiting to take our quiz?