Should I Get Back With My Ex Quiz

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Updated On: May 3, 2024
Should I Get Back With My Ex? Quiz

Is your phone’s contact list haunted by a name that sends your heart fluttering, not with joy, but with a tangled mess of “what ifs”? Do you spend sleepless nights replaying “should I go back to my ex” scenarios in your head, a desperate tug-of-war between hope and reality? Perhaps you even stalk their social media like a lovesick ghost, wondering “will we get back together?”

You remember the good times, the laughter, the way they fit like a puzzle piece in your life before the breakup. But maybe you also remember the tears you shed and pain you felt when it ended.

Here’s the truth: reconciliation isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.” Breakups leave you with layers of emotions that are not easy to understand. That’s where this “Should I Get Back With My Ex?” quiz, crafted by a seasoned relationship counselor with countless post-breakup journeys under her belt, comes in.

Remember, love deserves clarity, not confusion. Make a decision from a place of understanding, not desperation. Choose a journey that honors your heart, even if it means leaving the past behind

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  1. Are you able to still picture a future with your ex in a manner that makes you happy?
    1. Not anymore
    2. I can still picture it, but it doesn’t feel righ
    3. Yes, it still makes me feel the same
  2. Why are you considering going back?
    1. I have not found someone else like my ex
    2. I feel lonely and miss my ex
    3. I still love them and want to give this relationship a chance
  3. Why did you break up in the first place?
    1. There was cheating involved
    2. My ex broke up with me for their reasons
    3. We mutually agreed to part ways
  4. Have the issues of your relationship in the past been addressed?
    1. No, everything is as it was
    2. Some things have changed
    3. Those issues have been dealt with
  5. Are you willing to invest your time and trust in the same person again?
    1. It sounds exhausting
    2. I’m not sure
    3. Yes, I want to keep trying
  6. Has your ex acknowledged their role in the conflicts and apologised for their mistakes?
    1. They continue to insist everything was my fault
    2. Their apology wasn’t completely genuine
    3. Yes, they apologised in earnest
  7. Are your loved ones (friends, family) supportive of you getting back together with your ex?
    1. No, they don’t think it’s a good idea
    2. Some of them are
    3. Most of them understand why I want to get back together
  8. Have you and your ex been on friendly terms after your breakup?
    1. Not really
    2. We didn’t bother to stay in touch
    3. We agreed to stay as friends
  9. How often do you miss your ex?
    1. Not very frequently
    2. Every now and then something reminds me of them
    3. I miss them all the time
  10. Have either of you dated other people since?
    1. No, we both haven’t dated anyone since
    2. I have not but my ex has
    3. I have but my ex has not

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