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What happens to your body when you lose your virginity?

Everything you need to know about losing your virginity.
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Losing your virginity can be a big thing for you. You think about breaking your ‘purity pledge’ but are also scared about the consequences of giving in to your sexual desires. Premarital relationships are not uncommon, and it is very likely that you decide to give sex a chance before actually getting married. Exploring your sexuality is your call. Here are the answers to all your questions regarding your body and virginity.

Is losing virginity always painful?

The first thing that you dread is the pain that sex is going to cause. You feel scared to be wound up in bed and not being able to get up. Your first time could be painful or not. It actually depends on the hymenal tissue of your vagina. If you have more hymenal tissue than others, then you will not feel any pain or bleeding while having sex and vice versa.

Pain, if any, will get better over time and your hymenal tissue will eventually stretch with more sexual activity. At times, if you aren’t lubricated enough, you will feel more pain and maybe some irritation. It is normal to not experience vaginal lubrication at first. It will get better with time.

Using a lube will help you, making it much easier. In rare cases, people go to doctors to make their hymen stretch, but it isn’t a biggie.

Don’t go for anal sex during your first few times, it can be very painful, especially if you don’t use a lube. Be careful of that.

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Can I get pregnant after losing virginity?

It’s not about the first time or the fifth. Whenever you have sex, there is a good chance of getting pregnant. Even the condom pack says that it is 99% effective and if you are a ‘Friends’ fan then you know that you can never be too sure. If the day is right, even a tiny sperm entering your vagina or anywhere near your vulva can get you pregnant.

Taking a morning after pill can help you avoid pregnancy and you can always use a condom for extra protection. Whether you are losing your virginity to a stranger or not, you should always use a condom. It will prevent you from catching any infection or STD.

What happens to your body when you lose your virginity?

Another question that arises when you think about losing your virginity is, how different does your body get from normal? Are there signs that your body will give out that will reveal that you are not a virgin any more? While some signs are temporary, some could stick, making you look sexier. Some of those changes are:

1. Your breasts will grow bigger

Well, sex has a tendency to get you all turned on. Your entire body will start releasing different chemicals and hormones, which will bring in different changes in your body. Your nipples, too, will become sensitive so even the slightest touch will make them go hard. Your breasts will become bigger, up to 25%, but this will just be a temporary affair. They will shrink back to their normal size once your hormones level again and you will have to say goodbye to firm breasts.

2. You will be full of happy hormones

Other than the partial guilt of your first time, your body will release a lot of happy hormones which will make you feel happy and bubbly for no reason. Just like you feel good after a kiss, you will have happy hormones all over you after having sex for the first time. There will be a different sort of after-sex glow on your face. It is because of chemicals called oxytocin and dopamine. They take you on an emotional and mental rollercoaster, making you feel extra cheerful or emotional.

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3. Your vagina is going to widen

Before having sex, all these body parts such as your clitoris, vagina and your uterus did not play a role in any of your daily activities. Now with sex, these parts become active, causing your clitoris and vagina to widen to an extent. Your uterus too, will swell up a bit, but will return to normal after some time. Your vagina will be involved in some indoor sports, causing its walls to widen up. It will soon get used to this activity and will change the way it lubricates during a period of time.

4. You could bleed

It all comes down to your hymen. If your hymen isn’t stretchy enough during intercourse or fingering, there could be a chance of you bleeding. Many women don’t bleed during their first time because their hymen is stretchy, which could be natural or due to some kind of physical exercise.

5. You are going to have a great afterglow

One of the best things after sex is that glow on your face. It is because of all those happy hormones that make you feel ecstatic and more confident about yourself. You become more comfortable about yourself and your body and it shows on your face. Be ready to look for a good excuse for that glow, because it’s going to be all over your face.

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6. Your periods might get delayed

Don’t get freaked out if you are late. Sex has a tendency to disrupt the menstrual cycle. It could be because of your hormonal changes or just because of your inner conflicts causing you stress because of your first time. It is best to go with the flow and not worry about the consequences. Your body will adapt to the changes and so will your periods adjust to them.

For some women, losing their virginity is a big thing. You feel like saving yourself but then your natural sexual instincts tell you to give in.

Losing your virginity isn’t a road to regret, as long as you lose it with the right person. The person you lose your virginity to may or may not be the person you end up with but he should not be a jerk. Think carefully before you take such a decision, and once you do it, make sure that you don’t end up regretting it. Explore your sexuality and ride the rollercoaster that these multiple orgasms are going to take you on. Enjoy every bit of your sexual life without any regrets.

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